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FRIENDS AND BRETHREN: Last time I urged us to become "warners". Following the exhortation established in Ezekiel 33, we are urged to WARN the Church, the remnant and all who will hear that calamities involving bloodshed and  other terrorable things are coming our way.

Well, one is possibly imminent. Again Jeffrey Kuhner writes about the huge possibility that the nutcase in North Korea could attack South Korea and/or us, thereby setting off World War 3. How and Why? BECAUSE CHINA HAS A DEFENCE COMMITMENT WITH NORTH KOREA. In such an event, we will probably be at war with China. NOT A HAPPY PROSPECT.

To understand the gravity of this situation so we can PRAY with discernment, PLEASE READ KUHNER's COLUMN. We cannot pray as we ought without good information. His stuff is always 100% quality.