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"The Lord is High above all nations" (Ps 113:4)


Dear Brethren:

Each Saturday, and many days during the week, we PRAY with Faith and Trust that God hears our PRAYERS and has the POWER to act as He sees fit.

But, I submit that many (if not most) Believing Christians do not have an adequate view of God and, therefore, do not really PRAY with the proper expectations and end up PRAYING weak PRAYERS. HOW CAN THIS "CHANGE HISTORY" as our PRAYERS should?

One person who truly understood God's immensity was Charles Spurgeon who wrote the following regarding Ps 113:4 : "The Lord is High above all nations":

"His glory is higher than the loftiest part of creation; clouds are the dust of his feet and the sun, moon and stars twinkle far below His throne. Even the heaven of heavens cannot contain Him. His Glory cannot be set forth by the whole visible universe, nor even by the solemn pomp  of angelic armies. It is above all conception and imagination, for He is GOD -- infinite. Let us above all adore Him who is above all."

Brethren, can we together PRAY to the God portrayed by Brother  Spurgeon ?


In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher



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