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58 Days Remain!

Dems Proclaim "Godlessness"

Question: "Are WE on God's Side?"


"…then Moses stood in the entrance of the camp, and said,

'Whoever is on the Lord’s side—come to me!'" (Ex 32:26)



Normally, the fact that only 58 days remain from Saturday to Election Day would not be a cause of massive concern.  But, this is no "normal" Election!

On November 6, America will choose between Deep Darkness and relative Good.

Last week we discussed the Republican position on moral issues.  This week we will Pray about the wicked Party Platform of the Democrats, and about ISRAEL.

I have chosen the Articles and Videos below for a purpose -- to show the extreme Godlessness and anti-Christian positions of the Democrats.  Those who constructed this Platform could not have any FEAR OF GOD.  How could they when they purposefully take any reference to the Lord and throw it out of the Platform? (Please note: they welcomed the support of Muslim activists during the Convention whose presence was encouraged by the President.) *

The Articles and Videos below specify what really concerns the Democrats:

· ABORTION and Birth Control Pills (see Gingrich's comments on that).

· Homosexual "Marriage" (see Tony Perkins' comments on that).

· Making sure the Lord is never mentioned (He was traditionally included in every previous Platform)

· Negativity towards ISRAEL

Obama will "part the waves" and the financial mess; because we have him as President, we will never go over a fiscal Cliff.

So, this is obviously a momentous time for the Nation and especially for The Church and her Intercessors.  Will we PUSH BACK so that God will Mercifully Deliver us and give us another chance?

Please don't look away believing other people will do the work we have been given.  58 days remain!

Dems Remove All References to ‘God’ From 2012 Party Platform The Blaze (Does this tell us that the democrats are "Godless"? Clearly, they are embarrassed by any reference to Lord. Remember, He is a jealous God and requires the "fear of the Lord".)

Reporter Calls Out Major Dem Senator for Removing ‘God’ From Their Platform The Blaze with VIDEO

Tony Perkins Analyzes Democrats' Stance on Abortion and Marriage Washington Times

Does Obama Have Israel's Back? Or, Does Israel Have to Stand Alone? Washington Times (If Obama has "cursed" Israel by secretly abandoning her, then the United States will suffer major heaven-sent calamity.)

Dem Party Plank On Abortion Is "Most Extreme" In U.S. RealClearPolitics with VIDEO

The Real Fiscal Cliff Washington Times

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher



*This decision about “God” and Jerusalem not being in the Platform caused such a stir, both pro and con, that the Dems were forced to take a new vote on the Floor; after three votes, the Chairman did not seem to have a clear majority for either side of the issue; but he had been instructed to put “God” and Jerusalem back, so he rammed through a “yes” vote, which was subject to GREAT “booing”.  I don’t think God is used to being “booed” by Americans, so it will be interesting to see whether He blesses or curses the Democrats.

Dems Boo Adding 'God' and 'Jerusalem' To Platform Breitbart VIDEO