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Obama Invites Muslims


to Pray for His Reelection



Dear Brethren:

Saturday will mark the 65th day before the Elections (Nov. 6). There are many godly men and women running for office throughout the country. We MUST PRAY that each of God's chosen candidates will be victorious.

However, Barack Obama and the Muslims in America and elsewhere are intent on the opposite. Obama has encouraged thousands of Muslims to come to Charlotte, NC, next week to "pray" to their god. I believe that a Muslim is going to "pray" at the Convention as well.

I am sure you are aware that such blasphemy will incur God's Wrath, not His Favor; this prayer meeting (called a "Jumah") will also serve to legitimate Islam as an important religion in America.

Please PRAY that this "Jumah" will be dissolved by the Power of God from Heaven. Also, please PRAY that the Christian Church and her Pastors will awaken to the grave danger looming in this White House and throughout the country. May our Christian and Jewish leaders become aware of how partial the President is to Islam and how hostile he and his allies are to Christianity and Judaism? Please PRAY that Obama will NOT be reelected.

Below are several Articles which are really important for our understanding. Please read or scan them so that your PRAYERS are more informed and impassioned. For, I believe, the PRAYERS of the Remnant stand in the way of Obama's reelection and the country being engulfed by Shariah Law.

Muslims Planning 3-Day Jumah Prayer Meeting to Pressure Democratic Convention Arutz Sheva (White House promoting radical Muslim agenda?)

More of this can be expected if Obama is reelected -- God forbid!

Who speaks for reform in Islam? Washington Times ("The problem with Islam, as I see it, is that it has never reformed itself to accord with the modern world… Its impulse comes from fundamentalists looking backward to centuries long gone, and the fundamentalists want to impose their vision of the world on all civilizations.")

17 Civilians Beheaded by Taliban Insurgents Washington Times ("…because they attended a dance party that flouted the extreme brand of Islam embraced by the terrorists")

'No Easy Day': SEAL Memoir Contradicts Official Account of Bin Laden's Death Forbes

("New details from the book… presents an account of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden with marked differences from the official White House version."; rumors say Obama furious.)

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher