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Harry ValentineHarry Valentine - Founder, Publisher - Born 1935, reared in Philadelphia; graduate: Yale (B.A. 1957; M.Div., 1985) & NYU (MA, 1965); converted to Christ in 1981; founder: The Churchill School (for children with learning disabilities in Manhattan, NYC); prayer advisor to Alan Keyes' 1996 presidential campaign; former owner: Oklahoma City 89'ers,Daytona Beach Astros minor league baseball teams; executive committee: The Alliance for Revival & Reformation; former member: Council for National Policy; married, 3 children - the youngest homeschooled. Harry serves as President of the Capitol Hill Prayer Alert Foundation, and has been the publisher of the PrayerAlert since 1991.


Prayer changes history! Prayer moves the hearts, minds, attitudes and votes of presidents, congressmen, senators, Supreme Court justices and state and local officials. It can also affect the outcome of elections, sometimes dramatically!

Are you a born-again Christian who believes in the power of prayer?
Are you concerned about the unrepentant condition of the Church in America?
Would you like to see abortion outlawed in America?
Are you concerned about the loss of our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms?
Would you like to see Congress make righteous decisions about matters affecting your family and America?

If you answered "YES" to these questions the Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA) network may be exactly what you've been looking for. We are a network of praying believers who love the Church and America, and who believe that repentant, focused, heartfelt prayer for both are essential if God's blessing upon our nation is to be preserved. If the Church in America is to experience Biblical revival, if God-fearing civil magistrates are to succeed in leading our nation in a righteous direction, if there is ever to be another Great Awakening in our land, it will be because Christians who love America paved the way through faithful, focused, prayer

The CHPA editors have access to dozens of Christian political authorities in Washington and have devoted years to the study of Biblical theology. Thus, the Capitol Hill Prayer Alert is uniquely able to assist praying Christians to pray with an informed, Biblical view of the issues.