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As DARKNESS Settles in, PRAYER Becomes more URGENT!


"For behold, the DARKNESS shall cover the earth,
And deep DARKNESS the people"
(Is 60:2a)




Question: "Harry, what is so Dark?"

Answer: "How about the following?"

ISRAEL is poised to be attacked by all its neighbors, especially Syria which seems ready to launch chemical weapons at her major population centers without much concern by Western countries. If these weapons are launched, hundreds of thousands will die a miserable death; "HOW IS THAT FOR DARK?"

The Islamist terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, is gaining control of many Middle Eastern countries; it is even gaining inroads in the United States with the help of President Obama and major political figures such as Hillary Clinton and Sen John McCain (see relevant article below).

Our National government has become corrupt, depraved and peopled by liars, schemers, baby-killers, homosexuals and others whose behavior the Lord calls Abominations (Prov 6:16-19); would anti-American qualify for that, too?

Representative Michele Bachmann asks for an investigation into the Brotherhood's inroads into the American government at the highest levels; she gets roundly criticized by Republican leaders such as McCain and Speaker Boehner to their Shame; (please PRAY for Michele's very difficult reelection).

On a seemingly unrelated issue, we have to recover from yet-another incident of horrific violence in Colorado; please read the Article below about Hollywood's responsibility for a portion of this tragedy; it is just another example of the DARKNESS which is settling in.

The Darkness is "settling in" because we in America and other idolaters throughout the World have forsaken God. All such people groups (nations, tribes, etc.) will settle into hell according to the Lord of the Bible (Ps 9:17). Because of their wicked inclinations, they generate dark deeds wherever they go. FORSAKING THE LORD is the major reason for this DARKNESS.

So, how do we PRAY? As we have noted many times, our only hope is a grand supernatural INTERVENTION by our MERCIFUL GOD! We absolutely MUST PRAY, calling out to God for Him to "COME and SAVE US", personally, Nationally and Internationally (Is 35:4).

Are you PRAYING? Are you speaking to your Pastor/ Priest/ Spiritual Leader about this, thereby increasing his Responsibility? Are you gathering with other members of the Remnant to discuss and PRAY about the Urgency of the hour? If your truthful answer is "No" or "Not Really", then I plead with you to join the Remnant before it gets so DARK that all hope seems to disappear (Is 1:9).


Report: Syria Moves Chemical Weapons to Borders Arutz Sheva ("As fighting rages in Syria's leading cities, the Assad regime has reportedly taken its chemical weapons out of storage.")

Iranian Mouthpiece Media Calls on Syria to Attack Israel Arutz Sheva ("Syrian President Bashar Assad should attack Israel, says an Iranian newspaper considered the mouthpiece of the Supreme Leader.")

The Company They Keep Gaffney ("Team Obama has welcomed Islamists in their midst")

McCain Defends Islamist Assistant to Hillary Kincaid ("the evidence indicates that Abedin has 'deeply problematic foreign associations'" with the Muslim Brotherhood; she has never been vetted by the Senate.)

An Open Letter to Hollywood: You Are Guilty! Hurt

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher