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PRAY: ObamaCare

Decision Thursday!

"It is time for You to act, O Lord,
For they have regarded Your law as void."
(Psalm 119:126

"I rise before dawn and cry for help;
I hope in your words."
(Psalm 119:147)

"Even a child makes himself known by his acts,
by whether his conduct is pure and upright."
(Proverbs 20:11)




It can only get more intense as we get closer to Nov 6! However, this is a serious period for our Nation and the World (including ISRAEL).

For instance, in response to yesterday's Supreme Court ruling, the Obama Regime immediately cancelled Federal programs that allow Arizona Police Officers to be trained; Obama ordered his Administration not to answer calls from Arizona. This is pure spite and shows just how petty and filled with malice our President is when he doesn't get his way.

Below are Articles and a Video which deserve your attention as you prepare for Prayer.



Articles and Video List:


Issa to Obama: Either You’re Involved in Fast and Furious or Your Executive Privilege Claim is Unjustified Daily Caller

"Issa said Obama’s assertion of executive privilege 'raised the question' about the veracity of how the 'White House has steadfastly maintained that it has not had any role in advising the department with respect to the congressional investigation.'"

Conservatives for Shariah Gaffney

Some serious Conservatives are so politically correct that they are looking away from the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in America; they refuse to believe that The Brotherhood is intent on "destroying Western civilization from within." The Brotherhood wants to impose Shariah Law along with or instead of our Constitution. With friends like these willfully blind Conservatives, who needs enemies?

Is President Obama A Pathological Liar? Investors

"The Obama Record: The most frightening aspect of this president may not be his radical ideology but his rank dishonesty in selling that ideology. Now he's been caught lying about family racism."

Gay Activists Visiting White House Take Photos of Themselves Flipping Off Reagan Portrait The Blaze (with Video of 2012 White House LGBT Pride Reception)

Obama Behaving as an "Emperor" Napolitano as His "Court Jester" Daily Caller

“We now confront the spectacle of the president of the United States behaving as an emperor, and the cabinet officer entrusted with the security of the nation as his court jester…”

Israel on the Doorstep of a New Islamic Republic Israel Today

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher