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Prayer for The Church to Understand and Awaken!

"[T]hat the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you the Spirit of Wisdom and of Revelation in the knowledge of Him" (Ephesians 1:17)




A common theme the Lord keeps giving us is to "Pray for the Church and her leaders" (pastors, priests, bishops, etc.).

A great portion of the Church does not understand just how truly EVIL our federal government is, nor does it understand that one of its (the Church's) major responsibilities is to Pray about the state of the Nation.

Does not Jesus say, "My House shall be called a House of Prayer"? (Matt 21:13; Mark 11:17, Luke 19:46)

I would venture a guess that perhaps a majority of our pastors, priests, bishops, etc. do not understand the primacy of their role as Warner of their flocks and Leader of Prayer in their churches (see Ezek 33).

As the Scripture above tells us, it is only through the Lord Holy Spirit that we can have our eyes opened and get Wisdom, Revelation and Understanding.

Therefore, we must focus a great portion of our Prayer on the pastors and other leaders in our churches. Most of them simply do not UNDERSTAND!

The Revival we all yearn for seems primarily dependent on the Church awakening. So, let us be about this business of Praying with severe desperation that pastors, priests, etc. will awaken from their disinterest and, newly-motivated by the Fear of God, call their people to urgent Prayer. Look around you! It is almost too late!


Here are several Articles which will

help our own understandings:



Romney Visited Black Islamist-Run Charter School in Philadelphia American Thinker (This is a horrified glimpse into how lacking in understanding Romney and his advisors are. If he becomes President, the door to the Oval Office would be wide open to Islamists and Jihadists; this was true during George Bush's presidency and would have been equally true for John McCain.)

‘Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me': by Geert Wilders. (BOOK REVIEW by Ray Hartwell)

"Mr. Wilders recounts the reaction that greeted his short film 'Fitna,' produced to illustrate that 'the Koran advocates violence.' He was prosecuted under Dutch hate-speech laws for 'group insult' and 'incitement' of 'hatred' and 'discrimination.' Although he was acquitted ultimately, Mr. Wilders' tale on this topic is sobering, for it shows how 'lawfare' can be used to chill unwelcome speech."

"For the millions of tolerant citizens of the West, Mr. Wilders' message can be captured by paraphrasing what Pericles said to the Athenians about politics: You may not be interested in Islam, but Islam is interested in you. So pay attention. And read this book."

New Russian Law Assesses Heavy Fines on Protesters NY Times

"President Vladimir V. Putin signed into law on Friday a measure that will impose heavy fines on people who organize or take part in unsanctioned demonstrations, giving the Russian authorities powerful leverage to clamp down on the large antigovernment street protests..."(Would a second Obama term include similar efforts to silence protesters?)

Radical Muslim Mob Attacks Women at Egypt Anti-Sex Assault Rally AP

"A mob of hundreds of men assaulted women holding a march demanding an end to sexual harassment Friday, with the attackers overwhelming the male guardians and groping and molesting several of the female marchers in Cairo's Tahrir Square."(Haven’t we been told what a great religion Islam is?)

Richard Land: Romney's Mormonism "like Islam" NewsmaxTV VIDEO


In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher