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Significant Prayer Items




I just returned from a Prayer Meeting at the Family Research Council (FRC). The meeting was presided over by my former CHPA colleague, Pierre Bynum. He has been functioning as the FRC Chaplain for many years.

The following topics were among those items prayed about. This list provides a good summary of items for our Prayers:

THE HOMOSEXUAL "MARRIAGE" PROBLEM; at least 4 states will have a referendum regarding marriage on the ballot in November (Maine, Minnesota, North Carolina, Maryland - hopefully we will get enough signatures to get it on the ballot.) The homosexuals are working feverishly to threaten and defeat them.

THE ELECTIONS; we must PRAY against Obama's capacity to "charm" and seduce people who are relatively ill-informed.

THE CHURCH; we were all aghast at recent polling which shows far too many Christians willing to vote for President Obama; to some degree this is the result of a clueless and passive church whose pastors do not understand or are afraid to speak out (which I believe is a sin, since they are called to be WATCHMEN, and to WARN their flocks to resist evil.)

PERSECUTION; we were reminded about how viciously the pagans are threatening and intimidating outspoken Christians, especially the FRC's Tony Perkins.

We are familiar with these topics, but I list them to give a sense of how urgently we need to PRAY and some of the big-ticket issues which need our attention.



Jesse Jackson Politicizes the Crucifixion: Jesus Was Killed Because "He Occupied the Corrupt Temple" Daily Caller VIDEO (The race-hustlers seem to feel empowered by the attitudes of President Obama and Attorney General Holder.)

Zimmerman Family Challenges Holder on New Black Panthers; Says No Arrests "Based Solely on Your Race" Daily Caller (Holder refuses to penalize the Panthers who are calling for a "race war").


Mark Steyn Comments on What's Happening in America Daily Caller VIDEO

Rick Warren: Bad Economic Times a Result of Sin CBN News VIDEO

ISRAEL a Christian Haven Amid Islamic Persecution CBN News VIDEO

Swedish Home-Schoolers Flee "Parental Inquisition" CBN News VIDEO (Coming soon to USA.)

Golf Champ Bubba Watson Credits God for Success CBN News VIDEO

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher