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More Info On Oncoming Tyranny



Earlier this week I sent you this link to the Article by David Barton: America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President. At that time I gave my opinion that the President has extremely negative feelings and policies against Christians and Christianity itself. David Barton has organized for us proof that this is true.


The President has been working against Judeo-Christian values for a long time. WE MUST PRAY ABOUT THIS!

Very recently two new laws have surfaced which are both unconstitutional and unbiblical. These border on Tyranny.


Please pay attention to what we are sending you and PRAY INTENSELY about these matters.


I know you understand that we have reached a new level of intensity in the Spiritual War against our Nation, and in many cases, Israel and the World. THE BATTLE IS JOINED. We must PRAY ardently now before our country is further destroyed.






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