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Reflections on the Candidates


"Wait on the LORD;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your heart;
Wait, I say, on the LORD!"
(Ps 27:14)

Charles Spurgeon:

"Wait at his door with Prayer; wait at his foot with humility; wait at his table with service; wait at his window with expectancy… it is so sweet, so reviving, so profitable to draw near to God"




We find ourselves in a very disturbing quandary. On the one hand we have a President who is the most outrageous liar we have faced since Bill Clinton, and that is saying a lot. He is a Saul Alinsky communist (see Article below about Alinsky). He is dedicated to paying back America for what he perceives as terrible injustices for centuries.

For example, even though much higher taxes on the wealthy make no sense to rational economists and will not contribute to lowering the deficit, President Obama is determined to stick it to wealthy people as a matter of revenge and part of his "class warfare" which, incidentally, God hates (see Prov 6:19). Like Alinsky and the other Marxists who contributed to Obama's upbringing (his mother, for example), Obama despises capitalism and is doing his best to destroy it in America. He is also determined to destroy "Classic America".

On the other hand we have Republican candidates for President who are behaving so abominably that it is an embarrassment to listen to their own personal vendettas and warfare (please read the Articles about "politics" below). For me, it is difficult to endorse Gingrich or Romney. I simply do not trust them. Rick Santorum is a fine man and a good candidate, worthy of our support. But, unless God Intervenes (as we have been Praying), he most likely will not prevail.

So, what do we do? God has us just where He wants us! We must PRAY with all our hearts for a Divine Intervention, one which we can never predict.

As I write this Alert, I believe only God can save us from looming Disaster. But, isn't that what we do? We PRAY fervently, Wait and Watch what He is going to do.

There are so many millions of Christians PRAYING just as we are that I believe God will not turn a deaf ear to our Cries and will bring a huge surprise. May It Be?

Once again, I beg you not to "look away" believing that everything will work out as it has in the past. If Christians do not WAKE UP, "understand the signs of the times" and PRAY and ACT, we will only have ourselves to blame if God does not spare us and instead executes His Wrath on a "Nation such as this". (1 Chron 12:32; Jer 5:9)


Below are several informative Articles.  Please read (or scan) as many as possible.


Gingrich Repeatedly Insulted Reagan National Review Online

The GOP’s Bill Clinton: Wrong for Conservatives, Wrong for America Jeffrey T. Kuhner (Republicans have been casting about for a viable alternative to Mitt Romney. Many now believe Mr. Gingrich should be the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee. They are wrong.)

Gingrich vs. Alinsky Investors (Gingrich rightly defines the battle ahead as one between the America envisioned by our Founding Fathers and the communist radicalism practiced by our president.)

Warren Buffett Cleans Up After Keystone XL Human Events (Was Obama influenced by a desire to bless his friend Warren Buffett?)

Warren Buffett's Secretary Likely Makes Between $200,000 And $500,000 per Year Forbes (Most secretary's are not going to shed any tears for Ms. Bosanek)

Gingrich's Best is Better Than Romney's Best Thomas Sowell

Demonizing the One Percent Bill O'Reilly (O'Reilly says, Obama is "doing the nation a huge disservice if he bases his upcoming campaign on class warfare, because that's really an assault on individual freedom".)

Bachmann Seeks Fourth Term in House


Illinois Cracks Down on Abortion Clinics AP

Multistate Personhood Push Kindles Abortion Debate AP

Obama Administration Refuses to Change Contraception Mandate Catholic News Agency (This is a direct assault on the Catholic Church; the Obama Administration seems to adore Abortion while simultaneously despising Christian principles and values.)

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher