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Obama Admin On the Move! PRAY:

"Lord, Please Come SUDDENLY!"

"Oh, that the salvation of Israel would come out of Zion!
When the LORD brings back the captivity of His people,
Let Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad."
(Ps 14:7)

Charles Spurgeon:

"O, that these weary years would have an end! Why tarries He so long?... O, THAT HE WILL COME! What happy, holy, halcyon, heavenly days should we then see! But let us not count Him slack, for behold He comes, He comes SUDDENLY! Blessed are all they that wait for Him."



Recently I attended a meeting in D.C. during which various Congressmen and others listed some of the issues with which we must deal during 2012, especially regarding the run-up to the elections in November.

Since we are a Prayer ministry, I feel compelled to re-emphasize in the strongest possible terms how URGENTLY and BOLDLY we must approach our Prayers!

Thinking about these matters referenced above, I want to refer you to a Video and its allied commentary which was referred to me by one of our beloved Intercessors:

The Response -- A Call to Prayer for a Nation in Crisis

VIDEO & Commentary.

Brothers and Sisters, we must get serious! We are fighting for the survival of this Country!

A list of some of the topics raised during meetings in D.C. will give you an idea of how DESPERATE things are Nationally and Internationally:

Abortion and Homosexuality -- President Obama and Hillary Clinton have been facilitating the exportation of Abortion and Homosexuality to every country with which we have a relationship; this is a world-wide assault on God's Word! (Matt 18:6) They are also pressing hard in our own Nation; Abortion is deeply embedded in ObamaCare; "conscience clauses" are being removed. Does God not say He will "avenge Himself against such a Nation as this"? (Jer 5:9)

The Family -- At the behest of homosexuals, atheists, and anti-Christ organizations (like the ACLU), the Obama Administration is making every effort to destroy the Biblical and Historical meaning of Marriage.

Foreign Policy and Israel -- Wherever Conservative Leaders go as they travel the world, they are hearing that "American Leadership is being Questioned".

ObamaCare -- Once fully implemented in 2014, it will destroy medical care, scientific invention and the economy.

The Economy -- It is often stated uncategorically that once the United States can no longer pay its bills, and becomes completely BANKRUPT (like Greece, and soon France), we will be forced to make draconian cuts, and there could be "riots in the streets of America"!

Lawlessness -- We see in Scripture that wicked kings release into the nation their most egregious sins (see I Kings 14:16). This Administration is so Lawless and Unconstitutional in its dealings, that lawlessness is breaking out all over America; even the department of the Attorney General lies blatantly to Congress and thoroughly ignores Justice; "Fast and Furious" is but one example; the recent illegal "Recess Appointments" of leftist bureaucrats is another (Prov 29:2).

The WAR Against Religious Liberty -- The Obama Administration and all its sycophants seem to have great antipathy for Christianity and admiration for Islam; basically, it is an anti-Christ spirit and they seem determined to drive Christianity from the Public Square.

Energy -- We are a Nation dependent on cheap and available energy; Obama's recent vetoing of the Keystone Pipeline is his most recent effort to eliminate Fossil Fuels as our primary source of energy; this act by itself is breathtakingly evil; for the Obama-ites, their view of Energy is part of their pagan Religion (along with Abortion and Homosexuality).

So, how do we RESPOND?

The Culture is Wicked and Perverse. These political matters listed above are enough to make us weep and, without God, feel hopeless.

However, see the Scripture above! See the Video and its allied commentary! Tens of thousands of Christians Nationally and World-wide are Praying! GOD IS ON THE MOVE!

We must BELIEVE that He is going to come SUDDENLY and "Change History"! Do Not Lose Heart! (Mal 3:1)

We BELIEVE that God will HEAR our Prayers and ACT! (See Is 33:22; 35:4) But, we must REPENT and PRAY with fervency, boldness and great FAITH in our Righteous God!

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher