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Must Pray Against Lawless,

Shameless Obama

"Let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end." (Psalm 7:9a)

"[T]he wicked will fall by his own wickedness." (Prov 11:5b)

"Those who are of a perverse heart are an abomination to the LORD" (Prov 11:20a) [How would you like to be an "abomination to the Lord"?]



A Titanic Shift of increased wickedness took place last week as President Obama issued two proclamations in the same day that revealed what we've known all along -- that this man does not believe he must answer to anyone for anything; instead, he believes he has the power to do whatever he wants and can get away with this illegal and shameful behavior at will.

The foremost question is: "Does anyone have the courage to call for Impeachment?", as well as to cry out for him to be replaced by a Constitutionalist?

At times, the Republican Candidates seem to be far more interested in destroying the other guy's reputation, rather than President Obama's.

I could go on and on about this, but you've heard it all before and know it far too well.

The Articles and Videos below speak for themselves.
Please at least skim each item in order to PRAY Cogently and with Desperation; only PRAYER can Change what's going on (Isaiah 30:18-19). The list follows:

Obama Reveals Himself; Believes He Should Be Able to Operate as "King":

Will Congress Stop King Barack the First? Washington Examiner (Reminder: Barack, you are only a temporary President of a Democratic Republic, soon to be replaced.)

Obama's Reckless Recess Ploy WSJ (President Obama's "recess appointments" are all unconstitutional… "The new appointees can pocket their government paychecks, but all their official acts will be void as a matter of law and will likely be struck down by the courts in legal challenges that are certain to come.")

Obama's Recess Appointments: An IMPEACHABLE Offense? Investors ("This president has crossed over from socialistic extremism into lawlessness and, perhaps, impeachability.")

No Time for Advice and Consent Washington Times ("Recess appointments SIGNAL WAR against Congress").

The Obama Administration's "Gutting" of Our National Defense:

GUTTING DENFENSE New York Post (Obama can't hide the fact our armed forces will soon be less able to provide for the common defense; he seems to forget that's his No. 1 responsibility under the Constitution; oh, I forget, he routinely ignores the Constitution.)

Barack Obama's Military Munich Investors ("Champagne corks are popping from Beijing to Tehran.")

Obama and Dictatorship Washington Times

More on Candidates:

Mitt Romney Says He Would Work with Democrats as President Washington Post ("Working with Democrats" is Washington-speak for capitulation.)

Santorum Will Fight for Issues Others Ignore Washington Times (Such as Abortion, Traditional Family, Strong National Defense, etc.)


Ron Paul Exposed as Anti-Israel Walid Shoebat VIDEO

Christie calls out "Occupiers":

Chris Christie Shouts Down "Occupy" Protesters at Romney Rally The Blaze VIDEO

Elites' Hatred for Tebow (and Christians):

The Mocking of the Messenger of God Bill Wilson

A Good Picture Why the Church is So Powerless:

Pastor Joel Osteen to Oprah: "Homosexuality Is Sin — But Gay People Will Get Into Heaven" The Blaze VIDEO

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher