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Bush and Rice “Bullying” Israel Again!

“'But anyone who sins defiantly, whether native-born or alien, blasphemes the LORD, and that person must be cut off from his people. Because he has despised the LORD's word and broken his commands, that person must surely be cut off; his guilt remains on him.'” (Num 15:30-31)
Returning from the Holiday hiatus I find two serious events taking place:

1. The Primaries in the US;

2. President Bush and Secretary Rice personally engaged in bullying Israel to turn over her Biblical lands to infidels who are openly intent on destroying her.

I will comment on the primaries in the very near future (Hint: “change” equals bigger, more intrusive government and far less freedom).

However, President Bush's “power” trip to Israel and elsewhere in the Middle East is upon us now and we need to pray now!

Shortly after the “lynching” of Israel in Annapolis we warned of the “Dangers” the United States face (yet again) for forcing Israel to give up the lands promised to her forever by the Lord. (See Nov 21st alert).

Here we go again! Is there no understanding of God's Word? Is there no Fear of God? Will God continue to unleash natural disasters (including economic) upon us every time a President foolishly tries to build a “legacy” for himself by defiantly challenging God and His promises? (see McTernan's article: “Burden for America” . Also of interest is his book: As America Has Done to Israel.)

Here are some excerpts from well-informed observers:

1. From Tzui Fishman in Israel:

“The Biblical claim of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel was recognized by the British in the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which called for the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine. The British believed in the Bible and what was written in it, and that was what guided Lord Balfour in winning the support of the British Parliament. America also believes in the Bible. and therefore, it is totally unreasonable that America and its G-d-fearing President should act against the Bible, the pillar of Christian belief."

2. From “The Jerusalem Connection”:

“It's a fact. Al Queda is now firmly entrenched in Gaza with Hamas and Hamas has declared it will take over Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) when Israel hands it over to the Palestinians.”

3. From an ad in the “Jerusalem Post”:

“President Bush,
“There will be no legacy.
“There is an ineradicable bond between the geographical integrity of the land, its function as a geostrategic barrier to invasion by the forces of Islam, and God's promise to Jacob as related in Scripture: 'The land on which you have slept I will give to you and your descendants as an everlasting possession' (Genesis 28:12-14).
“Mr. President, we reject the creation of a Palestinian entity between the Mediterranean and the Jordan River as detrimental to the stability of both Israel and Jordan, the peace of the Middle East and the security interests of the United States.”

Please read the “Relevant Articles” below to get a fuller understanding of the greatness of this folly being undertaken by the US Government for the sake of two Americans' legacies and fame. God will not smile on this; you and I will suffer for it (Gen 12:3).

How to PRAY (fervently):

1. REPENTANCE for the acts of our government is most important (see Dan 9);

2. Entreat God for MERCY for Israel, the Palestinians and for us here in America (Jas 2:13);

3. That He will FORGIVE us for our “bullying” little Israel, for He hates tyranny! (Pr 28:15-16; Eccles 4:1; Mk 10:42).

In Jesus' Name!

Harry Valentine, CHPA Founder/Publisher

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