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Join Me in Crying Out


We will come together again to CRY OUT to the Lord for His Intervention in a variety of important matters. Among others, these matters could include the following:

· Abortion and Homosexuality;

· The Church and the Remnant;

· Israel and Iran's Nuclear Threat;

· The Presidential Nomination Process;

· The President, himself

· The "Occupiers"

· Islam

· The Ruling Elite (media, academicians and teachers, Wall St, puffed- up politicians, deceived clergy, union thugs, etc.)

One of the issues I have neglected to bring to your attention is National Security. Below you will find some Articles which refer to one of our most pressing topics, "The Rise of China and its Imminent Threat to the Nation and the World". These Articles review and comment on a book which is perhaps one of the most significant to have been published in recent years -- Bowing to Beijing: How Barack Obama is Hastening America's Decline and Ushering a Century of Chinese Domination by Brett M. Decker and William C. Triplett II.


As Intercessors, it is very important that we understand China and the role it is playing in our lives. Please read the Articles, and perhaps even the book itself.

In closing, I was reading a commentary by John Calvin on the Gospel of John, and I came upon this excerpt regarding chapter 12, verse 10, which refers to the efforts of the Ruling Elite of Christ's day as they planned to kill Lazarus:

"What insane anger -- to try to kill someone who had clearly been raised from the dead by divine power! But Satan torments the wicked with such a spirit of giddiness that there is no end to their madness… This wicked council meeting shows us that Christ's enemies were brought to their great obstinacy not by error or folly, but by furious wickedness, so that they were not even afraid to make war on God."

We must remember that those we regard as "enemies" have a "furious wickedness" and in reality are "making war with God", even though they don't seem to understand this.

So, let us come together again and push-back against the enemies of God who are furiously trying to destroy the Nation and take over the World.

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher



Chapter and Verse on China’s Moral Plundering Tony Blankley (book review; note picture on cover of Obama bowing to China's president.)

China: "We Hate Americans" Decker & Triplett II (U.S. dependence on loans from China breeds contempt.)

Beijing’s Electronic Pearl Harbor Decker & Triplett II ("There is going to be an electronic attack on this Country sometime in the future… the Obama administration has shown a shocking disinterest in this threat")