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The Republican Candidates came together Tuesday night to participate in the Western Presidential Debate from Las Vegas.

Things are getting very serious and interesting. Mitt Romney is being touted as "inevitable" by the Party Elite. As you can see from the article below, he is raising gobs of money from Wall Street and other rich Republicans (see this article). These people seem to be spiritually blind. They do not look with favor on what matters to us!

For instance, Romney strongly endorses Global Warming and all its ramifications; his advisors and

colleagues helped the President develop ObamaCare (see article about this); he is an obvious

flip-flopper on Abortion and other moral issues which tells us he does not have a strong Biblical

core and seems to adjust his beliefs according to the media, polls and public pressure (see Eph 4:14);

perhaps this is because he is a Mormon and Mormons are very deceived (see here). The article asks,

"Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?"

It was horrifying to hear about his latest flip-flop regarding the "Protestors". Romney now mouths the same dangerous ideas as President Obama and his allies in the "Protest Movement" (see article and video about this ).

On the other hand, we have Herman Cain surging (see here). He is a favorite of the Tea Party movement and represents much of what we believe. His "9-9-9" plan presents obvious challenges, but is certainly appealing and a good beginning. We yearn for a candidate who will challenge the unbearable status-quo. But, he is severely lacking in finances and organization.

Then there's the "Protest": It will be interesting to note which candidate was brave enough to describe

it appropriately as anti-American, Marxist, anti-Semitic, chaotic, unruly and brain-dead? Their goals (if

they have any) are absurd and dangerous!

So, let's Pray heartily for GOD'S INTERVENTION!

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher




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