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Pro-Jihadists Penetrate Pentagon

Pro-Jihadists Penetrate Pentagon

“'Now that I have prepared my case,
I know I will be vindicated.” (Job 13:18)

“Attackers gathered against me when I was unaware.
They slandered me without ceasing.” (Ps 35:15b)

Last week I asked whether liberal candidates for president are aware that “the Jihadists are coming” and, if they are aware, then “What will you do about it?”

It is very disturbing that these candidates and their sycophants in the media do not address this issue. They don't address this issue because they do not seem to care! Such will be the case in the White House starting in 2009 if one of these wins the presidency. Horrors! Yikes!

Now we find out that political correctness/blindness/cowardice has also taken hold in the one institution we have been sure we can trust - the PENTAGON!

Below are excerpts from sources which explain the problem:

1. Judicial Watch writes:

“The U.S. government's top specialist on Islamic extremism has been fired under pressure from pro-Muslim officials who accused him of being too hard on terrorists and referred to him as a Christian zealot with a pen.”

“As the Pentagon's most important figure in analyzing the nature of extremism, Stephen Coughlin has for years helped the U.S. government prepare ideological war against it. A lawyer by training and a reserve Military Intelligence Officer, Coughlin's experience with Sharia, the Islamic system of laws, dates back a decade.”

“But pro-Muslim officials at the Department of Defense have long accused Coughlin of being too hard on Islam. The clash peaked recently between Coughlin and a close aide of Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England. The aide, Hasham Islam, leads the Defense Department's outreach efforts to Muslim groups and he has tried to sway Coughlin to soften up on Islam and the Islamic law elements that promote extremism.”

“When Coughlin evidently refused, the Pentagon fired him from his position on the military's Joint Staff. His departure will undoubtedly contribute further to the apparent lack of knowledge among U.S. military leaders regarding Islam, jihad in Islam and even terrorism. This despite the fact that Islamic doctrine clearly played a role in the September 2001 terrorist attacks on our nation.”

(Article: Pentagon Islamic Expert Fired for Telling Truth)

2. CNS Writes:

“Members of Congress are seeking more information regarding the firing of a top terrorism expert at the Pentagon following reports that he was dismissed for being too critical of Islamic law.”

“The firing apparently resulted from pressure by pro-Muslim officials working in the Department of Defense.”

“[T]he aide told Coughlin to 'soften his view' on radical Islam. When Coughlin refused, Hasham Islam called him a Christian zealot 'with a pen'”

“'This sounds like another example of someone protecting national security and being told to shut up,' Myrick continued. 'If we don't get over being politically correct, we won't be here as a country.'”

(Article: Congressmen Seek Answers about Terror Expert's Firing )

3. The nation's most informed Defense expert, Bill Gertz, states:

“Those views have triggered a harsh debate challenging the widespread and politically correct view of Islam as a religion of peace hijacked by extremists.”

“U.S. counterintelligence failures should lead people to 'wonder and question the extent we are in fact penetrated in government and academia by foreign agents of influence, the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamists and those who truly in essence do not share our social compact.'”

“The firing of Joint Staff counterterrorism analyst Stephen Coughlin also is having a negative impact throughout the U.S. intelligence and counterterrorism community.”(all emphases mine)

(Article: Inside the Ring - Jan 11, 2008)

4. An article on National Review Online believes:

“[Coughlin] frankly declares that this administration has been wrong on the relation of Islam to jihadism and terrorism. While members of the administration sternly warn of the dire threats we face and how we must know our enemy, they themselves are lost in illusions about that enemy.”
“Coughlin points out that on the basis of very little, Bush, Rice, and other Administration people blithely declare Islam a religion of peace that has been hijacked by a few violent extremists for their own agenda, an agenda which they insist has nothing to do with Islam. They ignore all the evidence from Islamic sources that support violence in the name of spreading or defending the faith and bypass the professed and frequently stated aims of the jihadists.”

“Muslims are told that they are meant to Islamicize the countries they live in, through 'peaceful' means if they can, and violent means when necessary, and we already see signs of this in Europe and America.”

“[Coughlin] says that we are hampered in dealing with the enemy and in producing good intelligence for our strategic plans because instead of listening to what the enemy is saying, we impose our own hopeful, optimistic kind of view on the Islamic world, that everyone is really like us at heart.”

(Article: Phi Beta Cons on National Review Online)

It is very, very disturbing that:
  1. Our Defense establishment has been PENETRATED at the highest level by Muslim apologists for Jihad;

  2. The Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England could be so blind, ignorant and disinterested in his appointed task (National Defense) that he fired the only expert in the Pentagon capable of explaining the link between Jihadism, Islamic Law and Terrorism.

  3. Major Coughlin was accused by the Muslim of being a “Christian Zealot with a pen”; and nothing has happened about this slander (actually that is a badge of honor);

  4. As Diana West points out “it becomes shockingly clear that the Pentagon is more concerned with political correctness than protecting the nation.” (see her article “Foul Play”)

So, why do I bring to your attention this seemingly insignificant matter about one major in the Pentagon? Answer: Because you must be warned that many of our national leaders (political, academic, media, intelligence, national defense, diplomatic, etc., etc., etc.) cannot be trusted to understand the threat Jihadism poses or to act appropriately if they do. The knowledgeable experts are available to them, but political correctness and multiculturalism holds them captive.

Therefore, the nation is in great danger (and so are you and your families) because the Jihadists mean to do us great harm and to destroy our beautiful God-given culture, civilization and political system.

Friends, Islam is a totalitarian system, rather like ommunism. Jihad is a war against the entire world until it is conquered and a caliphate is established.

What can you do about this situation?
  1. Pastors: You must start to teach and warn your people about the truth about Islam and Jihad (for help with this see: Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer, Horowitz Freedom Center by David Horowitz);

  2. Pray-ers: You can start by praying that Major Coughlin will be reinstated or advanced to a more meaningful post outside the military; and also that others will rise up to silence the deceivers with the truth;

  3. Voters: Vote against candidates for federal office who are wimpy, blind, fearful and deceived; and vote for those who are bold warriors who will protect us from the infidels.

Harry Valentine, CHPA Founder/Publisher