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God-Haters Being Unleashed;

PRAY Psalm 2, and others

"But I know your dwelling place,
Your going out and your coming in,
And your rage against Me."
(2 Kings 19:27)

"Because your rage against Me and your tumult
Have come up to My ears,
Therefore I will put My hook in your nose
And My bridle in your lips,
And I will turn you back
By the way which you came."
(2 Kings 19:28)


I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START! We have reached the Tipping-Point! Encouraged by President Obama and his socialist, anarchist, communist, jihadist and general God-hating allies, chaos, rage and violence are being unleashed throughout America and the World.

"Harry, 'How can you blame President Obama?'"

Answer: See I Kings 14:16; 15:26, where it is clear that leaders of a country (or any other entity such as a corporation, church and even a family) can introduce sin and thereby make that nation sin. President Obama is fostering lawlessness, gangsterism, violence and chaos; his primary reason seems to be this is the only way he can get reelected, but it's far greater (*see the excerpt below which is take from the article at the top of our list, for a more in-depth explanation.)

  • See the articles about the "Day of Rage" this Saturday and carrying on and on.
  • See the article about the Union Thugs.
  • See the article about politics turning "Dangerously Rougher".
  • See the article about Jihad not being blamed for 9/11.
  • See the article about ISRAEL and the desperate situation she faces, with little or no help from the United States government.

I could go on and on, and find even more articles for you, but the ones you have give a clear picture of what we are facing.

This is clearly a demonic rebellion against God, His Ways, His people and the Judeo-Christian basis for this Country.

As you read in this article below, it's obvious that President Obama "deeply loathes everything America stands for", notably "Christian civilization".

As a good Watchman, I am Sounding the Alarm to God's Remnant. WE MUST PRAY with all our hearts, begging God to do a Psalm 2 on His Enemies.

May God bless our efforts and may God bless ISRAEL!

Please review the items below:

Obama and the Lunatic Left Washington Times (President and his followers intend to end America's greatness)

US Day of Rage - Information

Who Is Behind the 'US Day of Rage' to 'Occupy' Wall Street this September 17th? The Blaze (Information about worldwide plans to destroy America.) VIDEO

UNION THUG ALERT: Day of Rage Festivities Start Early in Longview WA Michelle Malkin VIDEO

Did Muslim Brotherhood Learn 'Day of Rage' from Obama Allies Bill Ayers and Code Pink? Big Government

Wall Street targeted for Britain-style riots WND ('Day of rage' aims to 'bring down the stock market')

Politics Turns Dangerously Rougher Washington Times (Left plans to 'take out' the 'lynching,' 'terrorist' Tea Partyers)

Michael Coren and Robert Spencer Discuss the Islamic Jihadist Elephant in the Room JihadWatch VIDEO

Rumsfeld: Bush Failed at Identifying the Enemy, and Obama is "Much Worse" JihadWatch


Glenn Beck Faces Big Test as New Show Bows WSJ

Yes, It Is a Ponzi Scheme National Review Online (In fact, Social Security is a bit worse than that.)


Cairo Mob Ransacks, Torches Israeli Embassy. Muslim Brotherhood at Work DEBKA file (ISRAEL faces attacks from all sides!)


"This leaves political gangsterism... Mr. HoffaŪs comments were vile, reprehensible and could foment civil violence. Labor unions, such as the Teamsters, have a long history of street brawls and physically intimidating opponents. Once these kinds of furies have been unleashed, it is difficult to contain them÷ Mr. Obama is a man of the hard left. He deeply loathes everything America stands for - capitalism, limited government, individual freedom and Christian civilization÷He exhibits a form of madness, a self-loathing, reminiscent of the late pop singer Amy Winehouse. Mr. Obama keeps injecting the heroin of class warfare and socialism into our national bloodstream÷ it leads to the same result: insanity and death" (see Prov 6:19)

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher