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Our Role as "Watchmen Warners":

Sounding the Alarm to a Besieged Nation

"Set the trumpet to your mouth!
He shall come like an eagle against the house of the LORD,
Because they have transgressed My covenant
And rebelled against My law."
(Hosea 8:1)



For months we have been talking about the importance of understanding that we have a prophetic mantle -- ALL OF US, not just clergy or people proclaimed as "prophets".

Matthew Henry comments on the above Scripture:

"The reproofs and threatenings here are introduced with an order to the prophet to set the trumpet to his mouth, thus to call a SOLEMN ASSEMBLY, thereby delivering warnings to all. The prophet must sound an alarm in God's name.

"Thus, the prophet must do the part of a WATCHMAN, by sounding the trumpet, calling the Church to arms as the besiegers make their attack (Ezek 33:3; Is 58:1; Jer 6:17)"

[These Scriptures embody God's Heart on this subject; without reading them, one cannot understand the importance God places on our role as Watchmen and Warners.]

PRAY for God's WATCHMEN to arise, sound the trumpet and call Believers to PRAYER and ACTION.

We are under siege and, I believe, God wants us to RESPOND!

Below are several articles, please review and PRAY accordingly:

Obama and the Burden of Exceptionalism WSJ (Very enlightening -- a black scholar unpacks Obama's mediocrity)

A Religious Test for a President Washington Times (So-called "skeptics" are really mocking religious belief)

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Mixed Legacy Washington Times (King's socialism convinced any blacks to adopt welfare liberalism and led, in part, to today's Obamaism)

Israeli Military to Equip Jewish Settlers with Gas and Grenades The Independent (Army training for West Bank civilians as Palestinians push for UN recognition)

Iran Deploys Submarine, Warship to the Red Sea Jerusalem Post (Iranian naval chief says 15th fleet will display capabilities of Islamic Republic; announcement comes after 2 Israeli warships deployed in area.)

Netanyahu Examining Possible Future Borders of a Palestinian State Haaretz

No Egyptian Crackdown on Sinai Terrorists. Jihad Keeps Israel in Suspense Debkafile

Pentagon Report Exposes China Menace Human Events

What Rick Perry's Lead in National Polls Will Tell Us About Perry and Romney Human Events

Pentagon Fears Listening Posts from China Washington Times (Tech firm tied to nation's military)

Favoring Abortionists in Sex-Slavery Fight Washington Times (Obama imposes rules that effectively exclude religious charities)

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher