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Theophobe Alert! They Despise


the Lord! PRAY




"THEOPHOBES" are trying to take over our country and push Christianity out (literally!). Please see the three articles below, with a special emphasis on the first one:

9/11 Memorial Without Prayer Washington Times, by Robert Knight (Hostility to America's religious heritage surfaces from coast to coast)

FRC Petition to Allow Pastors and First Responders at the 9/11 Commemoration Ceremonies FRC

Mike Bloomberg and the End of Tolerance WSJ (Why New York's mayor says there's no room for religious leaders on 9/11)

Together we must "Push-Back" with all our hearts against forces which hate the Lord with great venom. As far as they are concerned, He really doesn't exist and must never be mentioned in the Public Square!

Too many Watchmen and Pundits (especially pastors, priests, etc.) comment on the disasters which are engulfing America -- economic devastation, mob violence, hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, flooding, etc. They fail to understand the reason for our problems. We have displeased the Lord:

"O God, You have cast us off;
You have broken us down;
You have been displeased;
Oh, restore us again!"
(Ps 60:1)

Spurgeon contends:

"[David] traced at once the evil to its true source... [David] knew that the displeasure of the Lord had brought calamity upon the nation, and he set himself by earnest prayer to remove that displeasure.

"To be cast off by God is the worst calamity that can befall a man or a nation; the worst form of it is when they are not aware of it and are indifferent"

Robert Knight writes:

"From coast to coast, the liberal hostility to faith knows no bounds. Maybe itís time for the psychiatric profession to add theophobia to its manual of mental disorders."

Only God can save us from these disasters and even greater ones to come:

"SAVE with Your right hand, and hear me." (Ps 60:5b)

Spurgeon further pleads:

"The case is desperate unless there be immediate salvation. Tarry not, O Lord, till I have done pleading: save first and hear afterwards.

"[S]pecial and memorable deliverances will occur when dire calamities appear to be imminent

"[D]ivine intervention is necessary!"

Brethren, "dire calamities" are not just "imminent", they have arrived: atheism, hurricanes, earthquakes, tyranny, homosexuality, economic collapse, etc., etc., etc. ISRAEL is also being threatened by virtually everyone, including the Obama administration. If we turn our back on Israel, the calamities could be more than "dire".

Now is the time to CRY OUT: "Save with Your right hand, and hear me."

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher


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