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Let's Meet With God!

May He Intervene in Our Distress


"There is no one like the God of Israel,
Who rides the heavens to help us,
on the clouds in His Majesty."
(Deut 33:26)

"The eternal God is our refuge,
and underneath are His everlasting arms.

And He will drive out our enemy before us
saying, 'Destroy him'
(Deut 33:27)

[Ed Comment: We are besieged by enemies both natural and spiritual. May God help us!]


We continue to have opportunity to meet with God to beg Him to INTERVENE in the very grievous situation in our Country.

Spurgeon writes:

"Oh, what encouragement we have to pray to such a prayer-hearing God, who far exceeds the requests of His children! Blessed be the Name of the Lord, forever."

"Now, Lord, listen to the voice of Thy children's cry. Raise up in the Church many Intercessors who shall plead for the prosperity of Zion, and give Thee no rest."

"Thou knowest how we groan and sigh over evil times and Thou hast begun to hear us."

"Break in, we pray Thee!" Excerpt, Spurgeon's Sermon #1537, 1880


So, Brethren, we are encouraged to keep CRYING OUT to the Lord with all our hearts. The situation in D.C., the Church, the Nation and the World is so DESPERATE! We must PRAY for HELP.

Below are some Articles and a Video which I hope will help you:

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Tea Party Ad RE: Debt Ceiling YouTube VIDEO

Evangelicals Urge Perry to Enter Race WSJ

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A Liberal Dose of Venom Spit at Michele Bachmann NY Post

Culture of Cheating Breeding in Schools Across U.S. Washington Times (Poor test scores risk teachers' jobs)

Gay Marriage Raises Prospect of NY Adoption Boom Washington Examiner

The Comedian-in-Chief - Why O's Debt Stance is a Joke NY Post

Debtís Not All, Folks Washington Times (Leaders needed to repel the leftís assault on morality as well as economy)

Obamaís Tantrum in a High Chair Washington Times

Glenn Beck Warns of Crushing Anti-Israel Efforts CBN

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher