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July 4th - A Time to GIVE THANKS

& A Time to PRAY (Hard)!


"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." (2 Chron 7:14)



We must PRAY HARD, especially around July the 4th. Remember how many wonderful Americans laid down their lives in the past 200 years plus, so that we can do this.

This is perhaps the most appropriate time in the year for us to CRY OUT to God to INTERVENE MAJESTICALLY, and SAVE this Country for which so many have laid down their lives throughout our history.

I pray that we will not be "too busy" to join together in this effort.

Below are some Articles and Videos for us to ponder:

Harvard Study Confirms: Republicans More Patriotic Than Democrats Townhall (At last something truthful out of Harvard! Shameful indictment of Liberals.)

Michele Bachmannís Moment Washington Times (Minnesotan takes Tea Party energy to the campaign trail)

Huntsman as President?? Blogpost (He would be no different than Bob Dole! He admires President Obama.)

Debt Debate Puts GOP Freshmen in Fix WSJ (Can they hold fast in their resolve not to raise the debt ceiling?)

The Deficit Is Worse Than We Think WSJ (We must pay attention to this.)

Careless Voters Cast Doubts On U.S. Future Investors (Thomas Sowell is concerned that the U.S. voters may not care much about anything except their own welfare; so are we!)

White House Revives Push for Dream Act Washington Times (Shamefully, Obama is pushing Amnesty for illegal through the Immigration bureaucracy.)

ObamaCare's Unsavory East German Links Investors (Amid the ObamaCare fiasco, the latest is that physicians will be subject to streams of grubby government spies checking up on their Medicare patient intake. This isn't Eurosocialist care anymore. This is the Soviet Union.)

Greek Mobs Erupt Over Austerity Measures WSJ (This is only a more extreme reaction than we saw in Wisconsin.)

Greece in Turmoil as Rioting Continues YouTube [VIDEO]


New York's Gay-Marriage Law Won't Stop the Legal Fights WSJ (Keep alert for God's Judgment on New York State.)

Hillary Clinton Giddy Over New York Legalization of Gay Marriage Fox News (The Lord is not as excited as Hillary is, except in a negative way.)

ISRAEL: (We must bless Israel with our PRAYERS!)

Netanyahu: Recognizing Israel Crucial for Peace CBN [VIDEO]

P.A. Mulls Postponing U.N. Statehood Bid CBN

Stakelbeck on Terror: Hezbollah Rising CBN [VIDEO]

Hopefully, we can all devote time to PRAYING for these and other important matters such as:

  • For the Lord to Receive the Glory and Honor He deserves;
  • Thanking the Lord for giving us such a beautiful and wonderful Country (which the Left is trying to destroy);
  • For The Church to Awaken and Get Busy trying to save our Country;
  • For God to Put an End to the "Shedding of Innocent Blood" which is defiling and polluting our land (Num 35:33; Psalm 106:37-38f);
  • For the Domination and Election of the Lord's Candidates for Public Office;
  • For the Lord to EXPOSE and THWART Islamic and Jihadist plans to wipe out Israel and take over America.



In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher