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Desperate Times! Pushing Back;

Gaining Ground!


"Some of us have cried to You about our Country. We groaned and sighed over evil times, and You have begun to hear us, for which we desire to praise and bless Your Name. We will not cease to Pray for this Land, that You will roll away all its sin." ~Charles Spurgeon, 1880 Prayer in His Church, modernized


Perhaps this is hyperbole, but I agree with Faye Hardin* who recently wrote:

"God will bring devastation on a Nation that forsakes Him and His Laws. If we accept things as they are, we are authorizing God to destroy our Nation. Why should we do that? God said, 'If there was just one intercessor, I would not pour out My Wrath'". (See 2 Chron 7:13-14).


Below is a very long list of Videos and Articles about a variety of important topics. Please look at and/or read the ones which interest you:


The ObamaCare Bad News Continues WSJ

Nailing ObamaCareís Rationing Board Washington Times

Repealing ObamaCare and Getting Health Care Right Heritage Foundation


Gov. Perry: The 2012 Contender the Republicans Need National Review

Rick Perry: Ready for Prime Time? WSJ

GOP Finds Its Voice: Rick Perry Investors

'Stand Up, Stop Apologizing': Texas Gov. Rick Perry Stirs Rumors of Presidential Run The Blaze - VIDEO

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Speaks to Republican Leadership Conference; Crowd Chants, "Run, Rick, Run!" YouTube VIDEO

Texan Perry Sizes Up Roadblocks to GOP Bid WSJ

The Charismatic Michele Bachmann Washington Times

Michele Bachmann At Republican Leadership Conference pt.2 YouTube VIDEO

Michele Bachmann At Republican Leadership Conference pt.3 YouTube VIDEO

Michele Bachmann Hit With Glitter Attack, Organized Plot Exposed. The Blaze - VIDEO

The State of the Modern Left: Throw Stuff at People With Whom You Disagree YouTube VIDEO

Palin: Bachmann Qualified for Presidency Newsmax

'Battling' Bachmann Tops ëNiceí Pawlenty Washington Times

Al Warms to Mitt Investors (To Romney's Shame, Gore extols Mitt's enthusiasm about "Global Warming")


An Obama Foreign Policy Jerusalem Post (American weakness and anti-Israel)


Today's Pirates Have Their Own Stock Exchange WSJ (We have our own "pirates'"in our increasingly lawless country.)


Obama Mulling Endorsement of Same-Sex Marriage Newsmax (Are we holding our breath?)

Gay Nuptials - This Time, It's Personal NY Post

USDA Gay-Sensitivity Training Seeks Larger Audience Washington Times (Obama pushing Gay agenda throughout the HUGE Government bureaucracy.)


What If? YouTube VIDEO (VERY IMPORTANT! We have not been told about this threat to our personal and National lives; IF YOU ONLY WATCH ONE VIDEO, MAY THIS BE THE ONE!)

Protecting Our Electric Grid Politico (Ditto!)

North Korea Tests 'Super - EMP' Nuke Newsmax

North Korea Nears Completion of Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb ABC News VIDEO

News That Was Eaten by Weinergate Washington Times (A very astute geo-political analysis of what's going on elsewhere in our world.)


Agenda 21 For Dummies YouTube VIDEO (George Soros' plan for America.)


United Nations Abortion Fine Print Washington Times

The Abortion Industryís War on Choice Washington Times


NBC Omits 'Under God' From Pledge FoxNews VIDEO

9-Year-Old Pakistani Girl Kidnapped, Strapped With Suicide Bombs The Blaze - VIDEO (I thought this was a religion of "peace".)

* see "Faye's Facts" - June 13, 2011; Her Weekly Patriotic Prayer Bulletin is exceptional.

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher