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Many Reasons We MUST PRAY!

"The inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying,
' Let us continue to go and pray before the LORD,
And seek the LORD of hosts...'
Yes, many peoples and strong nations
Shall come to seek the LORD of hosts in Jerusalem,
And to pray before the LORD."
(Zech 8:21-22)

(Ed Comment: Note the importance of Prayer which is United and Corporate; for example see the words "inhabitants", "us", "many peoples", etc.)


Recently, I attended two very important meetings in DC. One was a prayer meeting hosted by the Family Research Council, and focused on a matter which I am ashamed to have neglected -- the looming takeover of our Country by the homosexual activists and their acolytes.

The other concerned a variety of important political figures and issues. What stood out to me was a comment by former Lt. Col. Allen West, R-FL (he is a dynamic Christian patriot who is emerging as a fresh new leader in the House of Representatives). He said, "There is a bankruptcy in our economy." Perhaps more importantly, he then added that there is also a "bankruptcy in our culture." His comments were received with thunderous applause.

As I said recently, if God doesn't intervene soon, it will become UNBEARABLE for true Biblical Christians to live in America (not that there is anywhere else to go).

Brethren, we must RESPOND and PUSH BACK. We must PRAY with all our hearts! If we don't, we will have no one else to blame but ourselves.

Below are Articles and Videos which you may want to ponder prior to praying:

(I realize this is a huge list. Please pick and choose items of particular interest to you. Brethren, THESE ARE VERY IMPORTANT MATTERS and after looking at them, you will understand why I am SO DESPERATE.)

Presidential Issues:

GOP Still Waits for Perry Washington Times

Gov. Perry Does Cameo Appearance on Beck Show The Blaze VIDEO

Rep. Bachmann In Overdrive At The Debate Investors

Bachmann Emerges as a Player in GOP Race USA Today (Feature article)

Media Hit Bottom with Palin Emails; They Should be Ashamed Washington Examiner

Lessons from the Palin Emails Fiasco Washington Examiner

Watch Out for Mama Grizzly Palinís Bite Washington Times


Obama is Duping American Jews RE: 1967 Borders Investors

Homosexual Agenda:

Obama: June is LGBT Pride Month (Obama's Announcement to HHS)

Dawn We Now Our Gay Imperil FRC Washington Update

Letter to FRC Prayer Team About Solemn Assemblies and Homosexual Issues FRC

Fox Hosts FRC's Tony Perkins To Demand That Schoolchildren "Be Safe From Indoctrination Into Homosexuality" Media Matters VIDEO

Other Topics:

"RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT" Heartily recommended by Rush Limbaugh, this book exposes how "democratic insiders came within inches of smashing the US Economy"; if you can't read the whole book, please make every effort to read this book review which is a devastating unpacking of the wickedness which brought our nation to its knees economically.

Because We Have a Right to Know Daily Jot (A very prophetic analysis of Obama's goals in the Middle East.)

ĎAgenda 21í -- A Hidden Plan for World Government The Blaze VIDEO (Soros' deadly plan for America)

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher