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Praying for Our Country is Very Significant

Things are Getting Pretty Desperate


"There are some of us that cried to You about our Country. You know how in secret we groaned and sighed over evil times, and You have begun to hear us already, for which we desire to praise and bless Your Name. But we would not cease to Pray for this land that You would roll away from it all its sin." ~Charles Spurgeon, 1880 Prayer in His Church.


In the midst of his Prayers for his own church, Charles Spurgeon did not hesitate to Pray for his Country which he considered deeply sinful. Likewise, we must not cease to Pray for our own Country. We all know how wicked and sinful our Country has become.

Please join us in CRYING OUT for various aspects of our Country, its Leaders at every level, The Church, the Solemn Assembly in Texas, Israel, the Economy, etc.

Please DO NOT LOOK AWAY and think that because you are "busy", that Praying for these important matters can be handed off to someone else. Your Prayers matter!

Below are some Videos and Articles, some of which you may want to ponder. Items like these are Very Significant. They all matter to God and, therefore, should matter a great deal to us.

Videos and Articles:

The Economy Is Worse Than You Think Feldstein

Critics Accuse U.N. of Funding China 'Gendercide' CBNNews - VIDEO

China's Women Shortage Fuels Trafficking CBNNews - VIDEO

Turkey Won't Stop Blockade-Busting Flotilla Plan CBNNews

Videos Show Syrian Protesters Under Fire and the Gruesome Consequences The Blaze - VIDEO

Comic Hints at Assassinating Palin If She Were President Hot Air

Rush Limbaugh: Rep. Weiner Is The ‘Poster Boy’ For The Democratic Party Mediaite

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher