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"Prayer set on fire, by an unquenchable desire, with such a sense of need as cannot be denied, with a fixed determination which will not let go, and which will never faint till it wins the greatest good and gets the best and last blessing God has in store for us." ~E.M. Bounds on Prayer, 2004 p152


After coming back from the conference in Texas at which I spoke, and attending a meeting in D.C. yesterday (Wednesday), and reading and listening to commentators, I am a DESPERATE MAN!!!

We need to Pray DESPERATELY, because I sense that EVIL is threatening to overcome GOOD. Things are about to come unraveled. As Faye Hardin (Insight USA), the organizer of the Texas meeting, stated: "Only God Can Save America." She's absolutely right!

Below are some Articles and Videos which will help explain why I'm feeling this DESPERATION:

Word of the Decade: 'Unsustainable' by Peggy Noonan, Patriot Post

Noonan states that the Elites seem to be admitting that America is in Crisis and that our debt may threaten our ability to endure as a nation.

Miami Beach shooting Memorial Day Weekend Miami Herald VIDEO; Long Island Beach Riot MyFoxNY; Fights Break Out at Carson Beach Boston Globe; China: Kidnapping, Slaughter and Abandonment is Communist Policy Washington Times; Woman Wheels Trash Can Containing Body Parts Through Ontario Neighborhood KTLA-TV VIDEO

Chaos and violence are not peculiar to the Middle East; remember Wisconsin; lawlessness is breaking out globally and locally.

Obama, Lawmakers Stay at Odds on Spending Cuts Washington Times; The Numbers Are Grim NY Times; 'Double-Dip' in Housing Prices Even Worse Than Expected CNBC VIDEO; Running on Empty: The Drilling Ban One Year Later Washington Times

The Obama Administration has no interest in improving our economy; even the New York Times calls the Economy, "Grim". I believe it will soon all come down in some fashion or other; speaking of oil, the conference in Texas concerned the Obama bureaucracies which are trying to shut down all the oil wells in West Texas and New Mexico, putting tens of thousands out of word and destroying countless businesses; this is but one example of how arrogant and corrupt our Government is.

Palestinians’ Statehood Bid Imperils Israel; Terror, Not Peace, Animates Drive for U.N.Legitimacy Washington Times

The World Elites (which include many in the United States) are determined to drive Israel into the sea; anti-Semitism has become a driving universal force, and Americans are cooperating with the United Nations to accomplish this (the United Nations is dominated by Muslim countries, many of which are Jihadist and want to impose Sharia worldwide, including your very-own backyard).

Run, Rick, Run; Tough Times Call for Tough Texas Candidates Ted Nugent; Sarah of Alaska fits Joan of Arc Role as 2012 Possibility Washington Times; Didn’t Michele Bachmann Just Announce Her Candidacy? Mediaite VIDEO

I am sure you concur with our DESPERATE need to replace the current President; in my opinion, the announced candidates do not seem to be God's choice for the job; perhaps Texas' Governor Rick Perry (R-TX), Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), or Former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) [if she runs, which is doubtful] may be; we must PRAY for God's choice to emerge.

THE DAILY JOT (Daily reporting and analysis of current events from a Biblical and prophetic perspective.)

The author, Bill Wilson, presents a prophetic analysis of current events. He believes:

"We're on the verge of a great, great depression… we as a people must make a radical turn back to the Lord and His Commandments or face the consequences."

Lila Rose Interviews Girl Scouts About Alliance with Planned Parenthood YouTube VIDEO

Isn't it pathetic that the Girl Scouts are endorsing Planned Parenthood and abortion? What does that say about our Nation and "the shedding of innocent blood"? Why do we wonder as God judges us?

This is a lot to read and digest and I certainly do not expect everyone to look at everything. You may want to pick and choose. However, it is important that Pray-ers be informed and these items will help you understand why I've become a DESPERATE MAN. I hope you will, too.

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher