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Power Points for Your Prayers


"Yet they tested and provoked the Most High God,
And did not keep His testimonies."

For they provoked Him to anger with their high places,
And moved Him to jealousy with their idols."
(Ps 78:56, 58)

Spurgeon: "He is not only high and glorious, but most High, yea, the most High, the only Being who deserves to be so highly had in honour; yet, instead of honouring Him, Israel grieved Him with rebellion."



I have listed below some VIDEOS and ARTICLES which may help as you PRAY about our Nation and the World.

May I point out some especially important matters:


  • Will the House leadership have the courage to defund Planned Parenthood next Friday, April 8th?
  • Israel: Will the President stand with Israel as her enemies start to encircle?
  • Wisconsin Union Law: Unions rejoice over Judge's ruling; what will Governor Walker do next?
  • The President's determination to destroy fossil fuel production.
  • The President's credibility in general.
  • The Middle East (including Libya): Although I am not a Middle East expert, it seems obvious the upheavals in the Middle East are being encouraged by radical groups like al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.


So, will you please intensify your PRAYERS? Remember, Prayer Changes History!


Beck: ìI stand with Israelî Glenn Beck

Leftist County Judge Halts Wisconsin Union Law Fox News

Brit Hume's Commentary on Obama and Oil: Find More, Use Less? FoxNews

McConnell: Americans Want a Sensible Approach to Energy You Tube

President Obama Says He Prays 'a Lot' ABC World News

Obama's Energy Policy Glenn Beck




Will House GOP Defund Planned Parenthood April 8th? Newsmax

"A short-term budget agreement that keeps the government running also contains money for Planned Parenthoodís non-abortion family-planning services. But that deal expires April 8, and anti-abortion lawmakers in the House promise to derail any future stopgap spending packages if they include Planned Parenthood funding, a stance that puts the House and the Senate on a collision course."

Obamaís Jaw-Dropping Hypocrisy on Energy Washington Post

"The Obama administration talks a good game on fiscal sobriety, domestic energy production and every once in a while, human rights. But the gap between policy and rhetoric is vast."


Ultraconservative Muslims Want Sharia in Egypt Washington Times

"Though Salafis in Egypt reject violence, their doctrine is only a few shades away from that of groups such as al Qaeda. Both adhere to a strict interpretation of Islam that supposedly is a purer form of Islam said to have been practiced by Islamís Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century."


The Obama "Doctrine" Victor Davis Hanson

"Whether itís Libya, fossil-fuel production, or the national debt, the rhetoric floats high above the messy reality."


Pro-life Laws Seen as Factor in Drop in Abortions Washington Times

States' "Pro-life laws are part of the reason abortion rates have declined over the past two decades, a study says."