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My Heart Cries Out for God's Intervention.

Does Yours?

"He rules by His power forever;
His eyes observe the nations;
Do not let the rebellious exalt themselves."
(Ps 66:7)



As I watch the news unfold, my heart GRIEVES. Does your heart grieve?

Chaos, Rebellion, Idolatry, Debauchery, Anarchy, Innocent Blood Shed, Homosexuality and a violent anti-Christian Spirit are rampant.

I really do not fully understand what is happening. I believe in the Sovereignty of God and His Providential Management of all that is taking place on the earth.

For instance, I wonder about the following:

· Regarding the Middle East, I believe the Muslim Brotherhood is behind most of what we see on television (The Obama Administration seems to believe the Brotherhood is a benign force for good). The Brotherhood's plan is to install a Caliphate with Sharia Law; What is God doing here?

· The Bible tells us God will protect Israel. I believe that; yet, the outworking will be dramatic and intense. What is God doing here?

· Japan is really suffering! Since she has rejected Jesus for almost forever, and has worshipped other gods (even the Emperor was worshipped as a god prior to the end of World War II), did God bring Judgment in the form of the earthquakes and tsunami? (see Deut 4:25-28; 7:9-11) What is God doing here?

· Looking at the United States, one can only be aghast at our financial situation; we are violating one of God's Principles (Deut 15:6); so how long will God be Merciful and not bring us to our knees? What is God doing here?

· Morally, the United States is becoming more depraved every day. How long can God tolerate this before He says, "Enough"? (Hab 1:13) What is God doing here?

· Finally, we look at the gross Rebellion, Anger, and sense of Entitlement in Wisconsin, London, Ohio, etc. and we are DISGUSTED. Imagine how God must feel as He looks at all of this. What is God doing here?


Brethren, it's obvious I could go on with a multitude of bullet points, but I think we all grasp the enormity of the situation which confronts us as INTERCESSORS.

So, could you and your Colleagues-in-Prayer pull out all the stops and PRAY with Great Urgency, asking God to:

· Act SOVEREIGNLY throughout the earth, Confounding and Overruling the forces of EVIL; Save and Deliver us from EVIL! (Ps 70:2; Is 59:19b);

· Establish RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE (Ps 97:2);

· Install GOOD Leaders, and Take Out the EVILDOERS (Ps 7:6-7, 10);

· AWAKEN the Church to the DANGERS coming her way and cause the Leaders to do their appointed jobs (Eph 5:14).

Thank you for considering the above. Basically, it’s a call for deep and dramatic INTERCESSION. If you agree, please circulate this HEART-CRY to your friends and colleagues.

Below are carefully selected Videos and Articles which will help to inform your Prayers:




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In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher