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Obama, TSA

and A Police State

"when a wicked man rules, the people groan." (Prov 29:2b)


Although Saturday Night Live, Jon Stewart, etc. are poking fun at the TSA scanners and pat-downs, this is NO LAUGHING MATTER!

The Obama Administration is in the process of desensitizing us to accept a POLICE STATE.

Despite the "shellacking" he took in the recent elections, President Obama is UNDETERRED! He is planning to institute his agenda through bureaucratic regulations and Executive Orders, thereby bypassing Congress and the "Will of the People".

He already has plans to institute the Cap and Trade carbon tax through EPA regulations. He also wants to implement "Card Check" through another bureaucratic agency. (As a payoff to unions which adore Obama, "Card Check" will get rid of the secret ballot for union elections, thereby opening the door for Chicago-style union thuggery.)

Brethren, do not be deceived into believing all is well now that we won a big election. Demons never give up and their agents are hard at work trying to imprison America.


There is no reason He should, given our gross immorality, idolatry and growing paganism (see Harry Potter, for example).

However, God has been merciful to us; PRAY that this will continue (Ps 9:10).

Please read the excerpts and, preferably, the entire articles presented below. They give a fuller explanation of why we must be very concerned!

Limbaugh: TSA and Obama's "Police State"

"This is Obama, folks. You could almost say that this is the regime taking steps to subject everyone to the notion of a police state. Here's what it's gonna be, get used to it. This is how it's gonna be. This is how it's gonna be in America."

Sowell: Searches Show A Contempt For Americans

"If anything good comes out of the airport 'security' outrages, it may be in opening the eyes of more people to the utter contempt that this administration has for the American people."

Democratic Internet Censorship

"Senate committee endorses Chinese-style control of Web"

"The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved legislation that would give the attorney general a virtual blank check to shut down any Internet site"

TSA is a Joke to al Qaeda, too

"The terrorists feel confident enough in their position to taunt the United States."

"So while the government is overreacting by instituting costly and humiliating full body-checks at airports, al Qaeda chalks up a victory and moves on to other forms of attack."

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher


PS: Don't forget the Lame Duck session which will reconvene on Monday, the 29th, and last until just before Christmas.

The Dems will try to:

1. REPEAL the policy baring openly homosexual men and women from the military.

2. PUSH their beloved DREAM ACT which will grant a path to citizenship for children of illegal immigrants.

3. Drastically RAISE TAXES for everyone by letting the current tax policies expire on December 31st.