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Articles: America's Disgust with

'The Ruling Class'

As you see from the articles below, this political season features the emergence of a Spiritual/political awakening such as we have never seen in our lifetime.

Patriots, Christians, Constitutionalists and regular American folks are rising up in indignation. This is being fueled by the disgusting arrogance of "The Ruling Class" in political and governmental circles at every level. Obviously, the epicenter of this movement is the energy and passion of the Tea Party movement.

These articles can give you deeper insight into what's happening. Please read the excerpts and as much of the articles as possible.

Truly, we are engaged in a battle for the soul of this Nation!

Please PRAY that God will whirl over this Nation, whirling out the wicked and whirling in the candidates which God has Graciously raised up. (See especially Jeremiah 23:19-20!)

In Jesus' Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher


A Wave of Rage with No U-Turn

The November tsunami approaching the shore was born of the rage that millions of Americans now feel.

Rubio: "This election is nothing less than a referendum on our identity as a nation and as a people"

Tea Party Time is Now

"The Tea Party is moving out and is attracting not only conservatives but also many moderates who are disgusted by how the two political parties have battered America with bad politics and insane programs and then have the gall to tell us it is for our own good. It has always been for their own political good, not the good of the American people."

Sore Losers' Epitaph

Tony Blankley: "I'm referring to the Republican Party's establishment figures and their exaggerated sense of political entitlement."

"The year 2010 is a moment of profound cultural and political change in America."

"This grass-roots rising has every potential to endure, evolving into the dominant political party with the power to sweep away irredentist 'establishment' Republicans."

GOP Cash Fills Coffers of Tea Party Hopefuls

"Eager to present a unified front before the midterm elections, the GOP's congressional campaign committees say they are rallying their financial and political muscle behind 'tea party' candidates who knocked off some of their hand-picked Republicans in the primaries."