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Passions Rise Over Elections;

Last Chance to Save America?


"[T]hou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother. (Deut 17:15)

Webster's Definition of Alien:

"Relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country or government; …differing in nature or character typically to the point of incompatibility."


In the past several days I attended meetings in Washington during which I have experienced a greater intensification of the emotions of those who are self-identified as Christians/ Conservatives/ Patriots/ Constitutionalists/ National Security proponents/ Family-Values advocates, etc.

The first was a prayer meeting at a Christian public policy organization which is well-known to you. At this meeting I experienced very intense prayer, especially about President Obama and his co-conspirators.

The next day I was privileged to attend a meeting of Christian/ Conservative activists. This regular weekly meeting was the most well-attended meeting in the history of the organization.

I would describe the emotions of the participants as ardent, determined and passionate.

I have pondered "What's going on?"

A partial answer lies below in the Wall Street Journal column by Dorothy Rabinowitz: "The Alien in the White House."

Most of the pray-ers and activists believe that President Obama and his co-conspirators are "Aliens", strangers to our culture and way of life and, like the pagan forces which destroyed the Roman Empire, they are determined to destroy America as we know her and as constituted by our forefathers.

Brethren, our Federal Government is currently occupied by people who hate America and want to "transform" her into a socialist/Marxist tyranny. Our freedoms are being purposefully dismantled. So is our economic system. By the way, The Church is to a great degree complicit in what is going on by its passivity or actual participation.

The people attending the meetings described above understand that we must bring about dramatic changes through the 2010 Elections or America may be lost!

Therefore, as Intercessors our job is to CRY OUT to God for His Merciful Intervention, especially regarding Election Day, Nov. 2nd.

If you are equally concerned, then it is crucial that you PRAY and ACT for the election of God's candidates this fall.

Here are some articles which will help explain why the people at these meetings are so concerned and active:

The Alien in the White House by Dorothy Rabinowitz, Wall Street Journal (very important!)

"The distance between the president and the people is beginning to be revealed."

"A great part of America now understands that this president's sense of identification lies elsewhere, and is in profound ways unlike theirs."

Rationing Health Care? You Bet Your Life! by Tony Perkins, FRC

"If you thought all the talk about 'death panels' was conservative hogwash, think again."

Military Chiefs Split with Mullen on Gays by Rowan Scarborough, Washington Times

It's obvious that Adm. Mike Mullen, Joint Chiefs chairman, and Secretary of Defense Gates have caved in to the President's urgent mission to promote the homosexual agenda over the objections of the chiefs of each military service. Opponents of this move believe it will have a devastating effect on our military moral and readiness.

Obama: June is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month by ABC News

"President Obama's proclamation that we are to observe June as the LGBT Pride Month is an abomination to God and could be invoking His Wrath, which we see being played out around our country."

Military Abortion Issue Returns by Rachel Duke, Washington Time

"Senate amendment reverses ban on procedure overseas"

We're Smarter Than God by Robert Knight, Washington Times

"Sexual morality is, like, so yesterday"

Slick talk aside, O's just not up to the job by Michael Goodwyn, NY Post

"Beyond the irony of journalists urging more spin from a politician, the really remarkable fact is that none dare consider the possibility that Obama is simply not up to the job. It is a scary thought, but evidence of consistent failure is overwhelming."

Obama and Hamas by Ted Belman, American Thinker

Obama seems to favor Islamic radicals like Hamas, as opposed to Israel.

Kagan on Human Cloning and Abortion by Americans United for Life

"Kagan's disregard for the value of human life at its most vulnerable stage creates concerns about how she will consider common sense abortion regulations and other cases that will come before the Court."

Kagan on Freedom of Speech by Americans United for Life

"[Kagan] exalts judicial freedom in 'interpreting' laws… it is another indication of Elena Kagan’s deep admiration for judicial activism and for judges who have an exaggerated view of their role in transforming society."

In Jesus’ Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher