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Two Americas! One is Lawless!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I don't need to tell you how desperately our Nation needs PRAYER. After all these months, I am sure you understand the seriousness of our national situation.

You recognize that we are facing a wicked government intent on destroying our Constitution, culture, economy, national defense, liberties and freedoms, traditions, etc. Additionally, our President and his colleagues seem open to Sharia law becoming part of our judicial system.

Let me be very clear about Elena Kagan: she is the prime example of how LAWLESS this Administration and its allies have become. How can I say that? Because when she became Dean of Harvard Law School, she withdrew courses on Constitutional Law from the basic list of required courses; instead she inserted courses on International Law in the list of basic courses.

A more obvious example is the response of many governmental organizations to the Arizona law (which mimics a stronger Federal law). The President and his allies are inciting this LAWLESSNESS using the hackneyed charge of "racism" to exonerate turning their back on these laws.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are facing Two Americas. One is represented by the Tea Party-type people who are basically law-abiding, taxpaying, patriotic, traditional values citizens. The other consists of primarily pagans who have no regard for the Constitution or any laws passed by any state or governmental entity. They insist on their "rights" and "entitlements". If they don’t get their way, they will become violent (see the article below about the 14-year-old child; also see the streets of Greece).

So, it's obvious that PRAYER is extremely needful. Please PRAY ACCORDINGLY!

Below are some articles which may prove helpful in informing your prayers and in increasing the sense of urgency:

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Union 'Klansmen' Terrorize 14-Year-Old Boy by Connie Heir, Human Events

South Korea, North Korea, Israel and Iran by Caroline Glick, Townhall

Book Review: "The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America" by Andrew C. McCarthy by Ruth King, MidEast Outpost

European Economies Face Major Hurdles-GE CEO by Scott Malone, Reuters

US Plays Down European Crisis but China Worried by Reuters

Elena Kagan's Pro-Abortion Record is Far Outside the Mainstream by FRC, PR Newswire

Gingrich Nazi Comparison Stirs Firestorm Of Criticism by Liberty News Desk


In Jesus’ Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher