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Obama Government Moves to


Take Over More of America


"For I am poor and needy,

And my heart is wounded within me." (Ps 109:22)


"The case has become desperate without Divine aid… The psalmist felt as powerless in his distress as a poor insect… He entreats Divine intervention."


Below are excerpts from two insightful articles which describe the seriously dangerous efforts of our government to take over more of the American business sector.

Brethren, please do not LOOK AWAY. Serious, fervent PRAYER is the only way our country can survive this onslaught which uses unbridled power to achieve mastery over our country.

Please do not grow faint-hearted!

PRAYER can change everything!


Now They Are Coming for Goldman Sachs (and everything else) by William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection Blog

"Democrats ratchet up the crisis atmosphere to get a quick vote on financial regulations which would give the government vast powers over the financial services industry."

"It's the health care fiasco all over again. A manufactured crisis with an identifiable demon."

"There are few remaining entities which can stand up to the overweening encroachment of the federal government."

"The serial removal of centers of power outside the federal government in Washington, D.C. is a worrisome trend which becomes more difficult to reverse as the dominoes fall."

Welcome, O - to City You Want to Ruin by Michael Goodwin, N Y Post

"Welcome to New York, Mr. President. Now go home and leave us alone. Please."

"When he brings his war against Wall Street here tomorrow, Barack Obama isn't coming to praise Gotham. He's coming to bury us."

"We're not dead yet, but no thanks to him and his policies. His assaults on New York ought to be counted in the NYPD crime stats. They're doing more damage than a year's worth of stickups, and still the hits keep coming."


We must associate ourselves with the above comments of Charles Spurgeon. We are in a desperate time and we must CRY OUT in PRAYER for Divine Intervention!

In Jesus’ Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher


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