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The Lord Is Moving!

“SUDDENLY …the LORD came down.” (Num 12:4-5)

“the Lord, whom you seek,
Will SUDDENLY come…”
(Mal 3:1)

“When God arose to judgment,
To deliver all the oppressed of the earth”
(Ps 76:9)


As we saw in Massachusetts’ Senatorial election, and in the rise of the Tea Party Nation, the Lord is SUDDENLY on the move!

We are in the midst of “evil times”! We have been CRYING OUT and God is hearing our “Heart Cries.”

“Hear the RIGHT, O Lord! Attend to our cry” (Ps 17:1)

Charles Spurgeon writes:

“In evil times prayer is peculiarly needful and wise men resort to it AT ONCE.”

He also writes (regarding Ps 15:4):

“When BAD MEN are in office, it is our duty to respect the office but we cannot so violate our consciences as to otherwise than contemn the men (contemn= to despise, scorn, reject)”

Brethren, keep CRYING OUT! GOD IS HEARING! GOD IS COMING SUDDENLY to deliver us from the “bad men in office” who seek to control our bodies, minds, speech, money and behavior in every conceivable way.

Again, hear Charles Spurgeon:

“The troubled heart craves for the ear of the great Judge… If our God could not or would not hear us, our state would be deplorable indeed.”


Regarding our governments, do you have ‘a troubled heart’? If you do, join up in PRAYER.

SUDDENLY, God is moving!

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(All emphases above, mine)


In Jesus’ Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher