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Potpourri of Articles

Which Tell the Truth

“And He said to me: ‘Son of man, these are the men who devise iniquity and give wicked counsel in this city…Therefore prophesy against them, prophesy, O son of man!’” (Ezek 11:2, 4)

“Let the lying lips be put to silence (Ps 31:18a)

“For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known.” (Matt 10:26b)


  • · O Lord, we are being lied to by our Leaders; we CRY OUT to You for TRUTH! EXPOSE the lies and deceptions that are being proclaimed and REVEAL truth (Ps 120:2; Matt 24:4, I Cor 3:18);
  • · FRUSTRATE and CONFOUND the works of this administration which are contrary to Your Will (Jn 3:20, Ps 35:4).


Since we are being lied to by Governmental leaders, as well as the major media, I think it will be interesting for you to have access to articles, which I believe, tell the truth.

Below are such articles. Please pick the ones which interest you the most:

Health Care:

Can't We Read the Health Care Bill? Op-Ed, IBD Editorials

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have been asked repeatedly to put the proposed health care bill on the Web. They've refused. Do they have something to hide?”

'Conceptual language' Hides Health Care's True Cost by Michael Barone, Washington Examiner

“[A]s the CBO noted, there's no actual Baucus bill, just some ‘conceptual language.’ Actual language, the CBO noted, might result in ‘significant changes’ in its estimates. No wonder Democratic congressional leaders killed requirements that the actual language be posted on the Internet for 72 hours before Congress votes.”

Obama's War on Specialists Op-Ed, WSJ

“[S]pecialists cost more to train and make more use of expensive procedures and technology—and therefore cost the government more money. Even so, the quiet war Democrats are waging on specialists is astonishing.”

Congress' Ugly Intimidation Of the Health Care Industry by Steve Forbes, IBD Editorials

“Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and his colleague Bart Stupak are openly engaged in a campaign of harassment and intimidation against 52 of America's largest health insurance providers. They seek nothing less than to silence all voices opposed to their government-run health care proposals.”

Health Care Legislation Endangers Constitutional Liberties by Orrin Hatch, IBD Editorials

“The health care bills moving through Congress raise a host of contentious policy issues. But provisions in the bill before the Senate Finance Committee also test whether politics trumps the Constitution.”


Government Doesn't Listen by Samuel J. ("Joe") Wurzelbacher, Washington Times

“We believe in government that faithfully follows the wishes of average people across the political spectrum - something that has become, dangerously, rarer and rarer…We can still force change on both parties through grass-roots pressure - and the ballot box.”

Decline Is a Choice by Charles Krauthammer, The Weekly Standard

“The current liberal ascendancy in the United States--controlling the executive and both houses of Congress, dominating the media and elite culture--has set us on a course for decline.”

Big 'D' Democrats thwart small 'd' democracy by David Limbaugh, Human Events

“The signature of Obama's (uppercase ‘D’) Democrats is their systematic betrayal of (small ‘d’) democratic principles. Just look at today's news for a flavor of their pattern of flagrantly ignoring the popular will to cram down our throats policies we clearly reject.”


McCain Vs. Palin For The GOP's Soul Op-Ed, IBD Editorials

“Palin is becoming a bold, principled voice on issues ranging from the global war on terror to financial markets.”


In Jesus’ Name,

Harry Valentine, Capitol Hill Prayer Alert (CHPA), Founder/Publisher


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