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Wednesday, 18 March 2015 15:02



"Mighty is the power of prayer. Wonderful are its fruits. Remarkable things are brought to pass by men of prayer. Many are the wonders of prayer wrought by an Almighty hand. The evidences of prayer’s accomplishments almost stagger us. They challenge our faith. They encourage our expectations when we pray.

"The possibilities of prayer are immeasurably large. The necessity of prayer is urgent. God commits Himself into the hands of those who truly pray. Great are the wonders of prayer because great is the God who hears and answers prayer. Great are these wonders because great are the rich promises made by a great God to those who pray."


(This is taken from an article by E.M. Bounds called "Mighty Is the Power of Prayer", published in the March issue of HERALD OF HIS COMING.")

I HEARTILY recommend this publication. Monthly it publishes very encouraging articles by current and historic (e.g., Spurgeon)  Christian writers.

Harry Valentine

Founder and President
Capitol Hill Prayer Alert