U.S. House & Senate Return:
America Cannot Allow
"Business As Usual"!


Posted September 1, 1998


The U.S. Senate returned Monday from summer recess. The U.S. House of Representatives will reconvene next week. Both chambers face loaded calendars. All America stands in the balance before a Holy and Almighty God. Will we be found more severely wanting with "business as usual" from our Congress? Or will our leaders stand up against the evils of the Clinton Administration and, perhaps, stay God's judgment?

I.) SCANDALS: The Congress must soon deal with Clinton's admission of an "inappropriate relationship" with a White House intern. Within weeks Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr is expected to present Congress with his final report on several major White House scandals. Also, on the basis of new evidence, Attorney General Janet Reno has ordered a second investigation into campaign finance irregularities by Vice President Gore. She will then decide whether to appoint an Independent Prosecutor to further pursue the case.

Prayer Target:

II.) OVERRIDE OF PRESIDENTIAL VETO: Earlier this summer, the House voted 295-136 to override President Clinton's veto of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban. The Senate must now take up the issue. At least 67 Senators must vote in favor of the override in order to end this barbaric shedding of innocent blood. At present, only 64 Senators are willing to stand in the gap for the pre-born. Will God cause just three more Senators to repent and change their vote to reverse Clinton's veto? Christians must pray!

Prayer Target:

  • Pray that God will change the hearts of the Senators. May they REPENT, SEEK GOD and legislate RIGHTEOUSLY (Job 34:16-20; Ps 34:13-18, 106:3; Pr 21:15; Is 1:15-17; Rom 12:21).

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