"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


September 10th, 1999

Waco Cover-Up Exposed!
Reno, Justice, FBI, Pentagon, White House Implicated


While much of America vacationed, a few persistent journalists and conscience-burdened state and federal agents (and former agents) were shedding new light on the 1993 government assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas (which left 86 dead, including 24 children and 4 government agents). The Waco crime scene was speedily plowed under (instead of being preserved for post-incident investigative purposes) and many Americans who studied the details of the siege suspected a government cover-up. The assault engendered new depths of citizen distrust and resentment toward civil government and motivated the tragic vigilante Oklahoma City bombing (which killed 169 people).

  • James Francis, Chairman of the Texas Department of Public Safety, announced in July that "evidence held by the Texas RangersÖcalls into question the federal government's claim that its agents used no incendiary devices on the day that a fire consumed the sect's compound." Justice Department officials dismissed his statement as "nonsense" (Dallas Morning News, 7/28/99).

  • The Texas Rangers are holding 24,000 pounds of evidence from the burned compound. Francis says the Justice Department, while maintaining final authority over the evidence, has repeatedly sent individuals who have requested access to the evidence back and forth between the Rangers and the Justice Department, thereby creating an "absurd shell gameÖa cover-upÖa complete stonewallÖa perfect Catch-22 to block everybody from seeing the evidence."

  • Michael McNulty, producer of a 1997 video documentary about Waco, was permitted access and became the first outsider to discover amid the evidence a 40mm shell casing, 40mm projectiles, and incendiary "flash-bang" devices, which were misidentified in evidence inventories as "silencers" or "suppressors."

  • From the beginning, Justice (including Janet Reno), FBI, BATF, and military officials have repeatedly testified that no pyrotechnic devices (devices which could start a fire) were fired into the Waco compound.

  • In late August, former senior FBI official Danny Coulson (founding commander of the FBI's hostage rescue team and deputy assistant FBI director at the time of the Waco incident) told the Dallas Morning News that, while he did not believe the FBI started the conflagration, FBI agents did fire pyrotechnic M651 tear gas grenades into the compound with full approval from their superiors. Coulson contradicted all public FBI testimony to date.

  • On August 26, the FBI made a blockbuster public admission that, indeed, "a very limited number" of incendiary tear gas grenades were lobbed into the compound the day it burned.

  • On August 27, the Dallas Morning News printed another shocking report. Gene Cullen, a former CIA officer, informed the newspaper that Delta Force commandos (under Special Forces Operations Command) had not only been passive observers, as officials had formerly testified, but were actively involved in the Waco operation (in violation of the Constitution and Federal law). Any military involvement would have required authorization by the Commander in Chief, President Clinton. The Pentagon issued an immediate denial.

  • Over a period of days, the FBI announced the discovery of ever-more-damning evidence that incendiary devices were used at Waco. FBI Director Louis Freeh called for an independent investigation (one-upping Miss Reno). Reno forthwith dispatched Federal Marshals from the Justice Department to seize the newly found evidence from FBI headquarters (an insult to Freeh and the entire FBI). President Clinton sided with Reno against Freeh, but also called for an "independent" investiga-tion. Reno then asked retired U.S. Senator John Danforth (R-MO) to lead the investigation.

  • Rep. Dan Burton, Chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, has promised full hearings. So has Senator Orrin Hatch, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Ill.), hoping to avoid the partisanship displayed in the impeachment hearings, is calling for a "Congressional Commission" to invest-igate the matter. House Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS) has joined others in calling for Reno's resignation.

Judicial Watch's Larry Klayman dismisses John Danforth as "just another 'Washington Club' politician," and believes that the new investigations will also fail. Klayman said, "Reno's and Louis Freeh's latest cover-up of the Waco scandal is just one part of a vast pattern of deceit by the Justice Department during the Clinton-Gore-Gingrich years, where both major political parties used scandal to score political points, not to seek justice."

Apart from God's grace and intervention, we will never see true justice in America again.

Please Join in Agreeing Prayer:

Lord, THANK YOU for bringing all things to light. Surely you HEAR & ANSWER PRAYER. EXPOSE every yet-hidden thing. BRING TO ACCOUNT all those who have lied. May Your RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE prevail. May America be CLEANSED from the abuses of those who through deceit have brought BLOODGUILT upon all the American people. Grant us REPENTANCE (Ex 20:16; Dt 19:10, 13, 16-19; 21:3-9; 2 Kg 21:16; 24:4; Pr 6:17, 19; 19:5; Is 59:4-8; Ob 1:3-6; Lk 12:1-3; Eph 5:11-14; 2 Cor 4:2).

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