Dictatorship Order #13083 Postponed;
Barr Bill Will Stop It Permanently!
Clinton Power-Play Defies Constitution; States; All Americans


Posted July 23, 1998


The Clinton White House has postponed implementation of Executive Order #13083, entitled "Federalism."

On May 14, while visiting Birmingham, England, President Clinton signed the new order which officially revoked President Ronald Reagan's EO #12612. Reagan's "Federalism" order reaffirmed federal government's few, limited and enumerated Constitutional powers. Clinton's order not only fails to affirm the limited powers of the executive branch, it effectively revokes the 10th Amendment and arrogates to the President broad new powers tantamount to those of a totalitarian dictatorship. The Tenth Amendment reserves to the states and to the people all powers not specifically granted by the Constitution to the federal government.

Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) has introduced (in the House of Representatives) The State Sovereignty Act of 1998, in an effort "to restore the division of governmental responsibilities between the national government and the States that was intended by the Framers of the Constitution, by requiring all federal departments and agencies to comply with former Executive Order #12612 (Reagan's Federalism EO).

President Clinton's dictatorial executive order is postponed for only 90 days. If Congress, the governors, the state legislatures, local civic leaders and the American people fail to permanently reverse Bill Clinton's wicked EO #13083, a key provision of the U.S. Constitution will be undermined and there will be no checks and balances on this president.

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