"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


July 9th, 1999

Stem Cell Researchers:
Modern-Day Dr. Frankensteins?

  • In May, President Clinton's top bioethics advisory panel recommended that taxpayer funding be used for human embryo research. This research would be performed on stem cells obtained from destroyed human embryos "left over" from procedures at fertility clinics (might abortion mills soon be considered "fertility clinics" by the government?).

  • Stem cells are considered to be building blocks for most human tissue. The National Bioethics Advisory Commission's (NBAC) recommendation focuses on experiments to "grow" these cells into virtually any tissue, which would theoretically give man the ability to cure diseases such as diabetes and Parkinson's disease or even produce "spare" parts for the body. These recommendations go further than the National Institute of Health's recommendation that only cells grown in laboratories would be used for experimentation.

  • "This research is allied with a noble cause, and any taint that might attach from the source of the stem cells diminishes in proportion to the potential good which the research may yield," stated the NBAC report. The panel acknowledged the report would likely cause controversy, but it strongly believes the research's potential for the betterment of mankind merits the endorsement.

  • "Research conducted on stem cells gleaned from purposefully destroyed human embryos is always unethical and always unnecessary," criticized Janet Parshall, the Family Research Council's chief spokeswoman. "NBAC's argument that the moral cost of the government sanction of this indefensible research would be justified by society's 'greater good' is a prime example of the horror of utilitarian ethics. The government must not be empowered to place a price tag on human life."

  • A coalition of experts in the fields of law, science, medicine and ethics released a statement against stem cell experimentation at a news conference on Thursday, July 1, asserting embryo stem cell research was morally unethical and scientifically questionable. Entitled, "On Human Embryos and Stem Cell Research: An Appeal for Legally and Ethically Responsible Science and Public Policy," the statement declares that scientific alternatives to embryonic stem cell research are available through alternative research. One such alternative is adult stem cell research, which does not destroy human life to obtain the cells needed.

  • A web site has been set up containing information on the legal and ethical issues of cell stem research, including the text of the above-mentioned statement. The web site can be found at .

Please Join in Agreeing Prayer:

  • Father of All Creation, we ask for Your intervention in this matter of stem cell research. We acknowledge that the Lord is God: it is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves (Gen 1; Ps 100:3).

  • Cause the Church of America to RISE UP against this barbaric practice of killing embryos for scientific experimentation. Let RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION flourish in Your Church. And may a spirit of HUMILITY and REPENTANCE be granted to Your Church for allowing this experimentation to have even been started (Prov 6:16-19; Is 1:15-17; Joel 1:13-15; Rom 12:21; 2 Cor 6:14-18).

  • May all legislation dealing with the shedding of innocent blood be based upon Your Word and not the will of man. May the Godly leaders You have placed in Congress be BOLD in standing for the unborn. Give them GRACE and POWER to thwart the wiles of the enemies of God. In Jesus' Name. Amen! (Ps 2:10-12; 7:9; 19:7-14; 83:1-4)

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