"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


July 14th, 1999

Democrats To Force "Gay" Agenda
Push for ENDA, Hate Crimes Bills at Hand


As predicted, President Clinton has pulled out all the stops. With Republicans in retreat on critical moral and constitutional issues, Clinton and the Democrats smell blood. With shameless insolence that characterizes the homosexual spirit, utter disdain for 4000 years of God-given moral law and a manner that can only be described as blasphemous, Clinton has dragged the U.S. across new thresholds of immorality and contempt for the God of the Bible during the last 30 days.

With little more than a peep from America's pastors and the Republican-led Congress, a full court press to enact the pro-homosexual Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA) and the "Hate Crimes Prevention Act" will soon be underway. This week a "Hate Crimes Summit" was called at the White House to discuss strategy. Unless the Church and America awaken and act, NOW, America's homosexuals will soon be rewarded with special rights, privileges and benefits, and faithful Bible believing and proclaiming Christians will be punished with costly federal civil and criminal penalties.

  • Despite valiant efforts by Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), the Senate allowed President Clinton's "recess appointment" of homosexual activist-financier James Hormel as Ambassador to Luxembourg to stand. At a State Department ceremony, his live-in male partner holding his family Bible, Hormel was sworn in to office. "Before the service, several homosexual men greeted each other with kisses on the lips. When he was sworn in, the group of more than 300 supporters sipping champagne let loose with loud cheers, punctuated with even louder whoops. 'Today, we do send a message that neither race nor creed nor gender nor sexual orientation is relevant to the selection of an ambassador of the United States,' said Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright" (The Washington Times, 6-30-99).

  • On June 11, President Clinton signed a proclamation designating June "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, 1999." The two page document trumpeted the administration's "achievements" in implementing the homosexual agenda. Clinton declared "we cannot achieve true tolerance merely through legislation; we must change hearts and mindsÖ the Departments of Justice and Education willÖreach out to students and teach them that our diversity is a giftÖ"

  • Clinton also called for a New York City "gay" bar, The Stonewall Inn. to be added to the National Register of Historic Places. There, in 1969, homosexuals resisting arrest for alcohol-related crimes, set off a chain of events that led to the injury of four New York Policeman. Hundreds of homosexuals rioted against the Police for days. The "Stonewall Uprising," distinguishes the Inn as the "birthplace of the modern gay and lesbian civil rights movement." Speaking at the dedication, an Assistant Secretary of Interior called the riots "hallowed days for our country's history."

  • ENDA (S.1276 and H.R. 2355) now has 35 Senate and 166 House cosponsors. It promises "comprehensive Federal prohibition of employment discrimination" against homosexuals, including "effective remedies" and "powers to enforce" the sweeping law. If enacted, homosexuals will immediately file hundreds of strategic lawsuits to force businesses to take pro-homosexual affirmative action. Bill Clinton has already imposed affirmative action programs in the federal workplace and homosexual indoctrination in the public schools. With pro-homosexual governments, schools and workplaces dominating larger society, the entire homosexual agenda will ultimately be implemented.

  • The Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 1999 (S. 622 - 37 cosponsors; H. 1082 - 181 cosponsors) will make homosexuals a special, federally protected group This law will usurp local law enforcement by creating a new federal bureaucracy to "train local law enforcement officers in investigating, prosecuting, and preventing hate crimes." The FBI will investigate instances of assault and other violent crimes where a suspect's motives may have risen from thoughts, attitudes or beliefs deemed prejudiced toward homosexuals. U.S. attorneys will prosecute suspected "hate criminals" and subject them to beefed up sentences in federal prisons.

  • It is important to note that both presidential frontrunners are wrong-thinking on the issue of homosexuality. Vice-President Al Gore has actively promoted both ENDA and the Hate Crimes bills. According to the April 9 New York Times, Gov. George W. Bush (R-TX) said he, like Clinton, would appoint homosexuals "if their political agenda was the same as mine." Leaders of the homosexual "Log Cabin Republicans" seem certain that Bush will "appoint openly gay people to his administration." A third of professing homosexual voters voted Republican in 1998.

Bill Clinton and the radicals in Congress have pitted themselves against God. Having codified gross immorality, they have paved the way for a nation-wide persecution of the Church. The federal government with its anti-Christ, pro-homosexual mandate, will not long peacefully coexist with the Church, with her God-given mandate to preach truth which denounces homosexuality. The Church's collective yawn over these and other radical measures, coupled with evangelical leaders' calls to abandon political action has given the enemies of God tremendous advantage at this moment in history.

Please Join in Agreeing Prayer:

  • Heavenly Father, have MERCY upon our children. Cause the pulpits of America to now "FLAME WITH RIGHTEOUSNESS" and to AWAKEN your people to REPENTANCE and ACTION. Raise up Godly Congressional leaders who will by faith and without shame or intimidation OPPOSE and DEFEAT these wicked initiatives (Ez 3:18-19; 33:3-6; Dan 11:32-33; Mt 5:13-19; Rom 1:28, 32-35).

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