Child Custody Protection Act
To Punish Pro-Abort Kidnappers
Will Protect States, Parents, Teens, Unborn


Posted June 12, 1998


HR 3792 and S 1645, the Child Custody Protection Act, if passed by Congress and signed into law, will make it costly for pro-abort counselors to continue the ugly practice of taking minor girls out of state to receive abortions without their parents' knowledge or consent. Rep. Lleana Ross-Lehtinen (R-FL) introduced HR 3792 (which now has 118 co-sponsors). S 1645 (24 co-sponsors) was introduced by Sen. Spencer Abraham (R-MI).

Republicans have done little to advance the cause of life since arch pro-aborts took the White House in 1992. Though they regained control of Congress in 1994, Republicans (except for a few pro-life heroes) have not demonstrated that the protection of human life is a high priority. But threats by popular Christian leader Dr. James Dobson (he threatened to leave the Republican Party and take his followers with him if Congress failed to take action soon) prompted Republican leaders to pledge to take up pro-life, pro-family issues this year. In keeping with that pledge, the Child Custody Protection Act should come to the floor of the House this summer.

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