"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


June 25th, 1999

House Conservatives Attempt
To Stop Errosion of Culture;
Meet With Victories And Failures

More than 100 amendments were considered last week during deliberations on the House version of the Juvenile Crime Bill (HR 1501). Although the bill was ultimately defeated, a number of landmarks were set during the vigorous and heartfelt debates. Now that the dust has settled somewhat, it is possible to assess some of the pluses and misuses coming out of the debates over this piece of legislation. President Clinton and other gun-control advocates were unhappy with "setbacks" they perceived in the bill, while House conservatives were greatly encouraged by the passage of several amendments that would have advanced religious freedom and upheld basic standards of decency. The scorecardÍ


  • Rep. Robert Aderholt's (R-AL) amendment to allow states to display the Ten Commandments in public buildings and to protect religious expressions on public property PASSED.

  • Rep. Tom Tancredo's (R-CO) amendment, which asserts that appropriate memorials on public school properties may contain religious elements without fear of violating the Constitution, PASSED.

  • Rep. Jim DeMint's (R-SC) amendment, protecting students who exercise their constitutional right to freedom of religious expression, PASSED. This amendment also requires each side to pay its own attorney's fees in legal cases involving a student's freedom of religious expression.

  • An amendment by Rep. Charles Pickering (R-MS) and Rep. Robert Franks (R-NJ) requires schools and libraries that receive federal funds to install Internet filtering or blocking devices on computers to protect children from pornography. This amendment PASSED.

  • Rep. Charles Canady's (R-FL) amendment, changing the age of minors from 16 to 18, PASSED.

  • Rep. Mark Green's (R-WI) amendment, which imposes a mandatory life sentence on a child-sex offender who is convicted a second time, PASSED.

  • Rep. Henry Hyde's (R-IL) amendment FAILED. This amendment would have prohibited the sale of explicit sexual or violent material, not qualifying for First Amendment protection, to any child under 17 years of age.

  • Rep. Zack Wamp (R-TN) and Rep. Bart Stupak's (R-MI) amendment, which would have established labeling standards for violent electronic media products, FAILED. This amendment, along with the Hyde Amendment, would have helped to curtail harmful materials from getting into the hands of children.

  • Rep. Mark Souder's (R-IN) amendment would have prohibited federal funds from being used to denigrate or undermine religious beliefs (see CHPA's June 15, 1999 Alert for further details). Watch for this amendment, which FAILED by only six votes, to be offered as part of other legislative initiatives in the future.

Please Join in Agreeing Prayer:

  • Almighty God, we THANK You for the VICTORIES that were gained for the families of America through the steadfast work of Godly members of the House (Ps 2; 46:1; 136).

  • We ask that these Amendments would PASS in other pieces of legislation. We ask that You continue to UPHOLD and STRENGTHEN Your servants who faithfully carried out Your agenda during these deliberations (Ps 1; 35; 134).

  • May these victories SPUR the American Church to FIGHT the good fight of faith, STRIVING to obtain the incorruptible crown and STANDING against the evils of this present darkness. In Jesus' Name, AMEN! (1 Cor 9:21-27; Eph 6:10-18; 1 Tim 6)

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God bless!"

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