"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


June 2, 2000

Ridge May Top Bush List, Lazio on Rise;
Christians Uneasy with Lazio, But Hillary..?


During the brief months left before November, caring Christians should be praying and working fervently for God-fearing candidates for public office across our nation. We must also ask God to resist ungodly candidates. As the Clinton Administration is coming to an end, we must also watch and pray over Bill Clinton's "lame duck" initiatives.


  • Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge remains at the top of George W. Bush's list of choices to be his vice presidential running mate, according to several Washington insiders. Last week, former U.S. Senator John Danforth (R-MO), known for his advocacy of Clarence Thomas during his Supreme Court confirmation battle, was reported to be at the top of the list, too.

  • Ridge, a Roman Catholic, was barred from speaking at church events by his Catholic bishop because of his "pro-choice" position. Dr. James Dobson and a growing list of Christian leaders have pledged not to vote for Bush if he chooses Ridge or any other pro-abortion running mate. Former Rep. Bob Dornan (R-CA), himself a Catholic, said, "Selecting a disloyal Catholic as a Republican running mate is a suicidal act." Talking to reporters, Bush shrugged off Dobson's threat, saying that he agrees with the Republican Party's pro-life platform, but, indeed, is seriously considering Ridge.

  • Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, Gen. Colin Powell, seems to be under consideration for Secretary of State and Sen. John McCain for Secretary of Defense. Powell recently said of the Republican pro-life platform, "I would work to remove it." Both McCain and Powell have publicly expressed antagonism toward Christian conservatives. Unless common sense and conscience prevail, George Bush could produce a White House and Cabinet filled with pro-aborts and others unfriendly toward a Christian worldview.

  • Lord Jesus, move upon George W. Bush. He professes You as Savior and Lord. Speak to Him, trouble his heart. Cause Him to appoint God-fearing, pro-life people to every key White House and Cabinet post (Gen 2:3-7; Ex 18:21a; Job 23:13-16; Pr 21:1; 29:2).


  • Rep. Rick Lazio (R), nominated Wednesday to replace New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani as the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, said "I am the underdog. My opponent is better financed and better known." But a Zogby poll showed Lazio trailing Hillary Clinton statewide by just 2 points and leading Clinton in upstate New York by nearly 5%.

  • Lazio calls himself "pro-choice" but voted with pro-lifers against federal funding of abortion and for a ban on partial birth abortion. One Christian U.S. Senator recently said, "Please, send us anyone besides Hillary Clinton." An ambitious, pro-abortion, feminist, former First Lady who wants to be president will be infinitely more troublesome to the causes of life and righteousness than the more reasonable Lazio, who has a conscience and who will work with the pro-life Republican leadership (see Pr 21:9).

  • Heavenly Father, INTERVENE! THWART Hillary Clinton's U.S. Senate bid. Give WISDOM to the people of New York. We pray for the souls of Rick Lazio and Hillary Clinton. If it be possible, grant them both REPENTANCE. And Lord, grant REPENTANCE & REVIVAL to Your Church, that Your mercies might be extended to our Nation. In Jesus' Name (1 Sam 2:8-10; Ps 7:9-16; 75:6; 33:13-22). AMEN!

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