"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


May 24th, 1999

Colorado, Georgia Shootings Show Urgency
Of Call For Solemn Assemblies
Will God Use These to Bring Repentance?


"He was in there laughing, jumping up and down...pulling the trigger ... Like it was some kind of game to him. He didn't seem like anybody that was angry to me. He just, he looked like he was just having a good time." (Student from Conyers, Georgia relating how he and five others were wounded by a fellow teen-aged student, AP news, 5/21/99)

Just days after the last funeral was conducted for teenagers massacred at Columbine High in Littleton, Colorado, yet another shooting spree took place in Conyers, Georgia, graphically demonstrating how deeply America is in trouble.

  • The school shootings - A news-numb America's most recent confrontation with reality has come from the school shootings. Even unbelievers are beginning to realize that our entire culture is somehow reaping what we have been sowing (38 million unborn infants murdered since 1973), and now we are exporting innocent bloodshed abroad (by bombing Iraq and Yugoslavia).

  • Oklahoma tornadoes - Even stark pagans (the Egyptians in Moses' day, for example) take notice when the sheer quantity of natural disasters reaches a certain level of devastation and frequency. Oklahoma's recent tornadoes were the worst in recorded history. They came the day Yasser Arafat planned to declare Palestinian Statehood with Jerusalem its Capitol. President Clinton, who had dispatched attack dog James Carville and Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg to help candidate Ehud Barak defeat Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Clintonesque campaign tactics, bargained with Arafat to wait until December to make the announcement long after Netanyahu's defeat. Our in-creasingly dangerous foreign policy, especially toward Israel, will only escalate God's pressure on an America already under His judgment.

  • The growing Communist Chinese threat - The devastating report produced by Rep. Chris Cox's special Congressional committee, which studied the Chinese espionage problem, demonstrates that the Clinton Administration has for six years treasonously sold out America to the Red Chinese. While refusing to implement any missile defense system to protect Americans from ICBMs from the Far East, President Clinton, by overt acts of treason and criminal negligence, has sold, given away, or allowed the Red Chinese military to steal America's most advanced weapons and military technology secrets - all of them. The Red Chinese, quick to learn, will soon be able to destroy us with missiles and warheads we designed. Now, because of our foolish bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade (which must have been an act of God's judgment against us), the Chinese people are angry enough to support a "first strike" against the U.S. For years, the Chinese government has been conditioning its people for just such a strike. But Congress - abetted by the Bush and Clinton administrations -- has willfully refused to acknowledge it. The North Koreans, too, are gearing up for a strike against the South. Meanwhile, we are seriously sapping the morale and strength of our military pilots and depleting our weapons inventory in our undeclared war against Yugoslavia, a war in which the U.S. has little, if any, national interest.

  • The Y2K bug - With the problems associated with the Y2K bug still unresolved and hanging over our heads, especially unreadiness in our defense systems, the next 18 months will be a very precarious period for America and the world.

  • But there are awesome signs of God's grace on the horizon. The memorial service for the slain students at Columbine High School, attended by 70,000 people, was dominated by the presence of God and straightforward preaching of the Gospel message. In the wake of testimonies of several believing victims, many previously silent Christian young people have gained the courage to boldly proclaim their faith among their fellow students. Literally hundreds of young people have come to know Jesus. (Nevertheless, a serious effort is underway to keep God's Name off a memorial which may be erected to the memory of the slain.) Youth groups in area churches are being taxed by overflow crowds.

    Meanwhile, psychologists and social workers dispatched by President Clinton are finding themselves with few clients, and Christian students, instead, are praying for their secular counselors to find Christ. Many who have watched Columbine closely believe that the God-sent revival that has broken out there will spread to the youth all across America.

The leadership efforts of Tennessee Attorney Tom Smith, other national prayer leaders, and several God-fearing congressmen and congresswomen, notably Rep. Helen Chenoweth (R-ID) and Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS), have resulted in the introduction of a Congressional Resolution urging churches and other groups to conduct Solemn Assemblies across America, to repent and cry out to God for mercy and for America's return to Him. Brownback has asked Billy Graham to assemble 500 key American leaders to meet for such an Assembly in Washington, DC. Many of our national leaders understand fully that America's only hope is Jesus!

Please join us in agreeing prayer:

Lord, have MERCY upon Your people and errant America. Hasten Your Justice, Judgment, Reproof, Grace and MERCY. Forgive our generation for abandoning You and have MERCY upon our youth that they may return to YOU. Grant our leaders success in calling America to genuine REPENTANCE & SOLEMN ASSEMBLY, In Jesus' Name, Amen.(Ps 33:10-22; Is 5:16; Joel 1:14; 2:15)

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God bless!"

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