"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


May 24, 2000

Prayer Urgently Needed

The House is expected to vote today (Wednesday, May 24) over granting Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with China. As of this writing, it is within 10 votes one way or the other. PLEASE PRAY!

(See last week's alert on PNTR at

Lord, Hear Our Prayer!

Father God, grant WISDOM to Congress. STOP them from passing PNTR with China. May they vote by Your conviction upon them and not by their love of money. (Ps 2:10-12; Eph 5:6; 1 Tim 6:9-12).


In February, the Senate overwhelmingly passed the Bankruptcy Reform Act that included an amendment by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY). Schumer's amendment targeted pro-lifers accused of abortion clinic violence by prohibiting them from discharging debts through bankruptcy proceedings. The Senate Republican leadership assured the pro-life community that the amendment would be removed when the House and Senate prepared the final version. Yet, the conference committee, which was given the task of putting the bankruptcy bill into its final version, may not have removed the Schumer language. A floor vote is expected this week.

(See our February CHPA for more information http://www.prayeralert.org/alert2-8-00.html)

Lord, Teach Us to Pray!

  • Lord, PROTECT all who labor on behalf of the unborn and those who lawfully RESIST the abortion industry that You hate. PROTECT those who brave the streets to PREACH THE GOSPEL and TURN young victims from the abortionists (Pr 8:13; 24:11-12; Mt 28:20b).

  • God, STOP the Schumer Amendment (Dt 16:18-20; 2 Sam 23:3; Is 10:1-3).


Donato Dalrymple, the fisherman who helped rescue Elian Gonzalez from the ocean last November, has filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Miami against federal government officials Attorney General Janet Reno, Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and INS Commissioner Doris Meissner. Dalrymple cited violation of his Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights during the raid on the home of the relatives of young Elian. The fisherman was holding the small Cuban boy when heavily armed INS agents broke into the Little Havana home and snatched the boy away from his relatives. The world was horrified when photographs of the Easter weekend raid were displayed.

(More information is available on Judicial Watch's web site: http://www.judicialwatch.org)

Lord, Teach Us to Pray!

  • Lord, we were so GRIEVED to see our civil government aggressively steal this child away from loving family members. Yet, how GRIEVED You must be. Let a PUBLIC OUTCRY come forth over the force used to remove the child. We pray PEACE and COMFORT to Elian and all of his family. May his father and stepmother come to know the Lord God of All (Neh 4:20; Ps 68:20; 103:6; 146:all; 2 Pet 3:9).

  • Grant WISDOM to Dalrymple and his attorneys at Judicial Watch. Almighty God, EXPOSE the guilty and grant JUSTICE to the rightful victors. (2 Chr 16:9a; Ps 83:15-18; Eph 5: 14-17).


When the Senate voted in favor of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban in October, they also passed a non-binding amendment proposed by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA). This amendment affirmed the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision giving women the "constitutional right" to an abortion. The House is expected to vote on this same resolution this Thursday, May 25. Norma McCorvey, the original plaintiff in Roe vs. Wade, has sent a personal letter to Congress urging them to reject endorsing the resolution. Ms. McCorvey is now a born-again Christian.

Lord, Teach Us to Pray!

We pray, Father God, that Congress will be COURAGEOUS & STEADFAST in their vote AGAINST AFFIRMING Roe vs. Wade (Ex 23:7; Dt 19:12, 13; Pr 6:13-15; Jer 2:34, 35).

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God bless!"

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