"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


May 18th, 1999

But Does Anyone Care?

William Jefferson Clinton has been President only six years, yet in that brief time America's national security has been seriously compromised and damaged in ways it may take years to realize. Here is just a partial list of invaluable U.S. technology that has been sold or given outright to the Red Chinese -- or stolen by them -- since 1992:

  • Military communication satellites designed to impede counter jamming and interception from U.S. defenses, as well as the technology to maneuver and position these satellites

  • Technology to analyze and prevent launch difficulties so those launches of Chinese rockets and missiles are more successful

  • Dependable and efficient solid fuel rocket boosters

  • Data for construction of the missile fuselage

  • Internal guidance and control technology for both missiles and rockets

  • Stage separation information and technology for missiles and rockets

  • MIRV technology, which allows the Red Chinese to be able to build ICBMs with multiple warheads

  • Global Positioning System technology - this allows the Red Chinese to more accurately guide their ICBMs to American cities

  • Super-computers for enhanced warhead design - the Chinese will be able to "test launch" their missiles without actually having to launch and detonate them

  • Burst dissemination technology and analytical data, ensuring the Red Chinese that their weaponry will have the greatest effect possible when exploding over American cities

This is a sad commentary on the treasonous Clinton Administration. What is even sadder is that the American people have elected Clinton twice to the highest office in the land. Where is the outrage by our countrymen over these acts of treason?

Please join us in crying out to God:

  • ALMIGHTY GOD, we beseech Thee for MERCY! We beg forgiveness for our apathy! We acknowledge that we have turned away from Your Laws and Statutes and gone after other gods - gods of wealth, comfort and pleasure. Give us leaders who know and follow Your Commands.

  • Your bride, the Church, is filthy and asleep. AWAKEN her once again! Though she is worthy of your judgments, grant to her a SPIRIT of REPENTANCE. CLEANSE her of her self-righteousness and stupor.

  • PROTECT and STRENGTHEN Your remnant. Cause Your people to CRY out to You day and night. Give us a heart that is DESPERATE for the things of God and that DESPISES the things of the world.

  • Lord, save us from ourselves! We pray in the Name of Jesus - the Name that is exalted above all names! AMEN!


    Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK), a pilot for 41 years, made an emergency landing early Saturday after the propeller fell off his airplane. Inhofe, an experienced, commercially-rated pilot, was en route from northeastern Oklahoma to Oklahoma City, where he was to meet the President, who was touring tornado-ravaged parts of central Oklahoma. A spokesman for the Senator said the FBI has been asked to investigate because "propellers don't just fly off airplanes every day." This godly statesman has been an outspoken opponent of Clinton's illegal war in Kosovo (copies of Inhofe's speeches are available on this web site). Please join CHPA in praying for his protection daily.

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    God bless!"

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