"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


April 13th, 1999

"Wag The Dog?"
Will Congress Let Kosovo Obscure
China Scandal?

While President Clinton was entertaining Red Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji at the White House, he received a special letter from Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) urging him to prepare the American people for the likelihood that the U.S. will need to send ground troops into combat in Yugoslavia. Eight Congressmen (of 12 who attended a recent NATO briefing in Brussels) joined McCain in signing the letter, saying, "NATO's efforts could require many more weeks or months to succeedÖ." They recommended that the President "plan for additional military missions, including use of ground forces," saying that "there is little likelihood that the required military operations can be sustained without casualties and the public needs to accept that eventuality."

The news media is absorbed with the tragedy in Kosovo. But few Americans are keeping up with the three-ring circus now taking place in Washington. More "Chinagate" crimes surrounding the President are being exposed each day, China and Russia are warning of World War, yet Clinton presses on, undaunted, with his revolutionary agenda at home and abroad. For example:

  • In a bizarre speech comparing "hate crimes" to "ethnic cleansing" in Kosovo, the President called for legislation to make it a federal crime to commit a violent act against homosexuals, women or handicapped people, if the crime is motivated by prejudice. He simultaneously announced a new federal program to teach middle school students "tolerance" toward homosexuality.

  • Johnny Chung, the Chinese businessman/Clinton confidante/Democrat fundraiser who visited the White House at least 50 times, has confessed to accepting $300,000 from the Chinese general who heads Red China's military intelligence service, with specific instructions to contribute the money to the Clinton-Gore reelection campaign. He also linked Democratic fundraisers John Huang, Charlie Trie, and Mochtar and James Riady (of the Lippo Group) to an intricate scheme to funnel Chinese military money to Clinton's reelection effort.

  • Chinese Premier Zhu spoke of Chung's testimony to reporters, saying, "Some Americans really have under-estimated usÖ I have 146 billion U.S. dollars of foreign-exchange reserve, so I should have put out at least 10 billion U.S. dollars [to influence U.S. elections], why just $300,000? That would be too foolish." FBI director Louis Freeh told Congress last year that the evidence of Red Chinese and other illegal campaign contributions pointed to criminal activity in the White House. He strongly recommended that Attorney General Janet Reno appoint an Independent Counsel to investigate. She steadfastly refused and Congress has been unwilling to discipline her.

  • The Chinese are rapidly constructing a world class nuclear arsenal, funded by their huge trade surplus with the U.S. and made possible by nuclear device designs stolen from U.S. laboratories and U.S. missile technology acquired with help from President Clinton. Last month, CIA officers were quoted as saying China's penetration of U.S. nuclear labs was "total," and that President Clinton was fully aware of the espionage activities during his reelection campaign and his summit meetings in 1997 and 1998 with Chinese President Jiang Zemin.

  • The New York Times reports that American intelligence officials now believe a second Chinese spy operation took place in 1995, during which Chinese agents stole secrets related to the neutron bomb, which is far more deadly than other nuclear weapons. Clinton said Thursday that he would continue to decline to comment on specific intelligence reports. However, he did state: "I can only say that America is a big country with a big government, and occasionally things happen in this government that I don't know about."

  • A special House committee, headed by Rep. Christopher Cox (R-Calif.), has been looking into the Chinese spy problem. Insiders say the committee has produced a top-secret report extremely damaging to the Clinton Administration. However, insiders say that the White House, with a copy of the report in its possession, is systematic-ally leaking it, under cover of Kosovo-related news headlines, hoping that when the full report does become public, the damage to the President will have been minimized.

  • Meanwhile, although the President has repeatedly assured Americans that ground troops will not be sent into Yugoslavia, The Washington Post has reported that the Joint Chiefs of Staff were against a bombing-only campaign from the beginning. Newsweek reported that Clinton delayed the bombing of Yugoslavia until after the 1998 elect-ion so that he would have enough seats in Congress to save him in the impeachment fight. Is it possible, as some have speculated, that the President would take us into war to deflect attention away from his Chinagate crimes?

Founding Father George Mason said our Constitution gave Congress sole authority to declare war for "clogging rather than facilitating war." Yet Congress, led by Sen. John McCain, may become the President's chief enablers. Until now, Congress has not required Janet Reno to appoint an Independent Counsel to investigate Chinagate. Will they now? With the impeachment over, will Kosovo keep the American people distracted? Will our Congressmen now utterly forget their oaths to uphold the Constitution and to demand the investigation of possible treason? These matters are even more serious than those over which the President was impeached. Will he and any others involved avoid being subjected to a complete and honest investigation? Will sending our troops to die in Yugoslavia atone for our sins at home and abroad, or will this add an even greater burden to the list of national sins that cannot be atoned for (Jos 7:1,6,10-13,19,29; 1 Sam 3:11-14; Ps 44:4-21; 60:all; Heb 10:26-31)?

Please join us in agreeing prayer:

Heavenly Father, grant us REPENTANCE, FORGIVENESS and GRACE, to deal righteously in Yugoslavia. Give our Congressmen COURAGE and WISDOM to do what is right here at home. Grant that all those who are guilty of the treasonous sell-out of America to the Red Chinese be found out and held accountable. Have MERCY on all the people in Kosovo. If it be possible, bring this to an end without American troops having to spill their blood. In Jesus' name. Amen! (1 Kg 16:20; Ps 10:all; Dan 9:18-19; Dt 28:25; Lk 13:2-5; James 3:13-4:10)

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God bless!"

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