"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


March 3, 2000



  • The Red Chinese military newspaper, Liberation Army Daily, ran a commentary on Monday, February 28, which included a threat to fire long-range nuclear missiles at the United States if the U.S defends Taiwan. The article stated that U.S. intervention in a conflict between China and Taiwan would result in "serious damage" to American security interests in Asia.

  • The threat may be in response to statements made last week by Walter Slocombe, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy. Slocombe advised reporters that China would suffer "incalculable consequences" if it attacked the tiny island of Taiwan. His tough statement also brought complaints from the Clinton White House and the State Department.

  • The Communist Chinese government released a 'white paper' on February 21 threatening Taiwan if it seeks formal independence. The paper said Beijing would employ "all drastic measures possible, including the use of force." The report went on to say, "Any attempt to separate Taiwan from China through the so-called referendum would only lead the Taiwan people to disaster."

  • Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., president of the Center for Security Policy and columnist for The Washington Times, wrote in his column on February 29 that "[t]he alarming prospect is that the Chinese Politburo calculates it is far more likely to get away with murder - or more precisely, what might be call 'stateicide' - on Mr. Clinton's watch than on that of any of his prospective successors." (see http://www.washtimes.com/commentary/comment1-02292000.htm)

  • These latest threats from China come as Taiwan is preparing for a presidential election on March 18, with candidates discussing Taiwan's formal declaration of independence from mainland China.

Please Join Us In Agreeing Prayer:

  • Almighty God, we INTERCEDE for Taiwan. We ask for PROTECTION for Taiwan. We ask that Your remnant, Your Church in Taiwan, be given wisdom, knowledge, understanding, strength and courage to stand against the evils of the day (Deut 33:27; Job 36:15; Ps 9:9: Prov 2:6&7; 3:25&26).

  • Almighty God, we ask that the plans of the wicked be confounded and confused. Stop the Communist Chinese from carrying out their evil plans of death and destruction (Ps 55: 9-18; Isa 28:16-19; Jer 15:21).

  • Almighty God, we ask for protection here in America. We do not deserve Your Grace and Protection; yet, "in wrath remember mercy (Hab 3:2)."

"Please check back with us as new matters for prayer are posted each week. By joining together with others, the power of our prayers are multiplied.

Please feel free to print and share these with your prayer group or pastor.

God bless!"

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