"Let everyone who is Godly pray to you while you may be found"  (Psalm 32:6)


March 25th, 1999


Legend tells that while Rome burned, Nero played his fiddle. While China is upgrading its nuclear arsenal with American technology, President Clinton and Washington's leading journalists spent their time cracking jokes at two black-tie galas last week. How long will God hold back His final judgment for our folly?


  • To the 2,000 journalists attending the Radio-Television Correspondents' Association Dinner on Thursday, March 18, Clinton "disclosed" his already-prepared answers to the next day's press conference. "Forget the questions," Clinton joked. "Here are the answers: 'ÖThe longest peacetime expansion in historyÖ. No, I didn't watch itÖ. No, I haven't read itÖ. She was first, Sam.' " The first lady was also in attendance.

  • At the Gridiron Club's annual dinner on Saturday, March 20, Clinton continued his jocularity by holding up poster-sized mock book covers of his as-yet-unwritten memoirs. His favorite title was "My Story - And I'm Sticking To It."

  • Also on Thursday, a congressional report from Rep. Jim Saxon (R-NJ) and Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) was released stating that China had built up its military capabilities using American technology that could ultimately be used against the United States. The report declares, "Unless U.S. policy is changed, America's military personnel may be killed in the next war with technology supplied by America's industry [emphasis ours]."

  • At Friday's presidential news conference, the first in over nine months, Clinton said he believed no Chinese espionage had taken place on his watch. "To the best of my knowledge, no one has said anything to me about any espionage which occurred by the Chinese against the labs during my presidency." He then added (in his own inimitable fashion), "And if I have misstated this in any way because I don't remember something, then I will tell you that. But I don't believe that I have forgotten."

  • On "Fox News Sunday" (March 21), Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) announced, "There have been a series of leaks, all very serious...and much more threatening to the national interest than Kosovo." Kyl is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

  • Newsweek magazine is reporting that the Chinese have succeeded in total penetration of U.S. weapons labs. They are also asserting that China may have acquired the design information for as many as seven different American nuclear warheads, including one of the United States' most sophisticated weapons. According to this Newsweek article, two American cruise missiles that failed to detonate during last fall's attack on Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan have been obtained by the Chinese.

  • The Clinton Administration is leaking bits of the Cox Report in hopes that the public will be inoculated against the seriousness of the Chinese espionage scandal. The Cox Report is the 750-page document adduced from congressional hearings chaired by Rep. Christopher Cox (R-CA). Rep. Cox's subcommittee was charged with probing allegations of U.S. arms technology transfers to China - and the report is said to be devastating. The White House is understandably concerned about public outcry if Americans find out what really happened while the Clinton/Gore campaign collected donations from Chinese agents for their 1996 re-election bid.

Please join us in agreeing prayer:

  • Lord, You alone are SOVERIEGN! You see all that takes place in heaven and on earth. You know what our motives are for You alone know what is in our hearts (Is 40:12-14; Jer 23:16-24; 1 Cor 2:6-100).

  • Almighty God, cause Your Church to AWAKE from her slumber. May we know and understand the times that are upon us. Allow Your people to SEE the DESTRUCTION that is before us. Allow us to see the seriousness of this hour (Jdg 16:12; 1 Chr 12:32; Is 51:17-23; 52:1-6).

  • Help us, O Lord, to STAND against the evils of this present darkness. Give us a picture of where we are headed if we do not repent and return to You. FORGIVE us for not being mindful of the consequences of our sin; how our sin will effect the next generation and those yet to be born (Deut 28: 45-52; Pr 14:34; Eph 6:10-18).

  • Grant us the WILLINGNESS of spirit to FOLLOW after You and Your precepts. Grant us WISDOM and CONVICTION to glorify You in all the land. Bring forth the Cox Report and give WISDOM to the Congress on how the report should be used. In Jesus' Name we pray. AMEN! (Ps 2:10-12; Joel 2:12-14; Eph 5:1-11).

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    God bless!"

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